What`s your go-to @PlayStation controller? https://t

January 22, 2022, 11:33 am
What`s your go-to @PlayStation controller? https://t
What`s your go-to controller?

omg the memories!! Each one has a story

Since 1995 i have held every ps controller and the ds4 is my all time favorite.

When they put a controller that`s not a Playstation controller. We know...You can`t read.....That`s why you bought an Xbox. Ps2 only because of all the God of war combos.

Dual sense

Trash can?

5 easily. But 4 was good too.

Never was a fan of the play station controller. I liked the style layout of the analog sticks on the xbox. Having both the ps5 and series XI have two dual sense controllers. They are much more comfortable, then the other previous playstation controllers.

Im nostalgic about the ps1 controller. But the ps5 dual sense controller is hands down the best controller made ever. Not contest.

Still need back buttons.. lol

They still have not made them right if I was to make a control you see where the analog sticks are that would be steering wheels heavy rubberized for racing would not be a stick it would be a steering wheel within the controller

The first DualShock for me. I remember analog controls seeming so cool when they first came out. The N64 controller and Saturn 3D one as well.

Ps5 fosho

I felt so many emotions looking at this. Thanks for the memories now and before.

`97 dual analog baby

You forgot this one I wanted the Banana one!

Is it just me or is it slowly turning into an Xbox controller? Its a Xbox controller

PS5 is the best controller theyve made to date.

Just need to get a PS2 to complete my collection should have retro Console and accessories on some stores. You missed this one DualSense. I just find it more comfortable than the PS4`s controller.

One of the best party Controllers ever - have you played Buzz under influence with friends? My hands are cramping just looking at the PS1-PS4 controllers

Ps4 atm, but the ps5 one feels much better in my hands

Ps2 was legendary

The Dualshock 4.

I dunno yet.. I ordered one with a console and game a week ago and still havent gotten a tracking number or heard back from customer service. Hate to say it but I ordered 2 games from Amazon 2 days later and theyre both here with nothing to play them on.

Ps1 with sticks

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