What`s your favorite The Ohio State Football tradition? #GoBuckeyes

July 4, 2021, 5:39 pm
What`s your favorite The Ohio State Football tradition? #GoBuckeyes
Whats your favorite The Ohio State Football tradition? GoBuckeyes

Team singing CarmenOhio after the game facing respect

The Buckeye Marching Band

I literally tried to pull out one but each time my brain said "you can`t just pick one, it`s impossible" so all of them is my answer.

I must admit I can get tears with Script Ohio. I`m overwhelmed with memories

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Every. Damn. Thing.

This is an all time great Covering up sexual assault

losing to Alabama or Clemson or Michigan or .....

Ohio State beating Xichigan every year in late Nov. People under age 20 know this as a tradition EVERY year.

Getting free tattoos.

Losing to Michigan........Bring it back Harbaugh!

Not going to class

Pretending they deserve to make the playoffs

Id have to say beating TTUN!! O-H!!!!

Carmen Ohio after the win!!!

Losing to USC in the Horseshoe

Skull Session, Carmen OH after every game, beating the team up north.

Beating Michigan and winning the Big 10

Losing to ichigan

Beating that team up north...

That fans love the Buckeyes win or lose. Not fair weather fans like certain other schools Ive seen.

Beat Michigan every year.

phukin cheerleaders.

being a Clemson fan

Carmen Ohio at the end of the game. Win or lose.

Carmin Ohio at the end of games

Dotting the "I" in Ohio

Either script Ohio or Carmen Ohio after the game.

Watching script Ohio. I love my state and I love my Buckeyes.

Past years natty game RollTide

I always love it when I see them do the O H I O or maybe the Dotting of the I

Dotting of the I

Unfair to pick only one! I would have to say, though the band coming out of the tunnel! I still get chills!

Beating the Team up North is a nice tradition OH

Well because I love Id have to say script Ohio.

Script Ohio

Beating TTUN every year! Skull Session all the way to the tunnel! Then you better run and get your seat.

The winning is nice

For the last game, a senior member of the band dots the I in O-H-I-O

Losing national championships to Hands down the Script

Sweet loveable cuddly balloon head Brutie !

Losing to Michigan

Rubbing it in to TTUN. Beating the team up north

Passion, love, tradition and respect, dotting the I. Script Ohio at the Shoe

Beating misshitagain and winning the big10 every year.

My favorite Buckeye football tradition is being able to find a watch party in virtually any city in America, sometimes beyond. I found one in London!

Tearing through the Big10 and then getting smacked by Alabama or Clemson in the playoffs. Good times

Watching the helmets go from this ... to this Wow that is a tough one. Hang on Sloppy at the end of the 3rd qtr

Woody Hayes dotting the I

For a couple hours on Saturday afternoon on gloomy fall days. The sliver of hope I have for the state of Ohio is illuminated.

Where to start I mean I think everyone thats a fan has practiced high-stepping to Dot the I during Script Ohio in the living room so Ill go there

Skull session for sure!

We dont give a damn for the whole state of *ichigan because were from Ohio.

Dotting of the I by TBDBITL and making & eating "Killer Nuts"/Buckeyes

Saddening Harbaugh

BEATING MICHIGAN!!!!! What else??? O-H..

The ichigan Gae Of course!

Kicking Michigans butt ever year.

Skull session. As someone in the band that was my favorite part of the day when the team came through!

I get chills every time they show them running out of the tunnel, entering the field before the game. The pyrotechnics. Everything about it is so... awesome!

Script Ohio and Carmen Ohio

ryan days sport jackets.

Beating TTUN of course!

I can only pick 1? I have to say script Ohio or Carmen Ohio. And the All Americans getting a tree in Buckeye Grove has to be up there

Beating I hogan

beating the team up north

Hard to choose between Script Ohio and Carmen Ohio. And gold pants. And helmet stickers. I dont think I can choose just one.

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