What`s your email service and what app do you

January 26, 2021, 3:00 am
What`s your email service and what app do you
Whats your email service and what app do you use to interface with it?

Gmail + Mimestream on MacOS. Best desktop email client Ive found.

Gmail (personal) and self-hosted (work) all routed to Front App

Gsuite - to interact with it... really really love Tempo :)

GSuite for one business and Office 364 for the other. I use the web browser on my desktop to save disk space and on my phone I use the Gmail app for both (Android).

Office365 &

Ive switched over to I am looking forward to HEY evolving with a few more features.

Gmail and good ol Outlook for iOS

Gmail + Zoho paid, Apple personal, gmail personal - spark is my app

I love too. I dont know how much time exactly it saves me but worth WAY more than $30/month.

handles multiple domains and project work brilliantly. Happy to run you through it quick if of interest.

Hey for personal, G for work

I`m currently looking for a solution and than I see this thread = gold. I`m using IMAP on my domains and Thunderbird. And I`m not able to export my Thunderbird emails from (2010 to today), via the %app% folder. Got an corrupted profile warning

Gmail/Gsuite, I`ve been using for years.

Gmail, forwards to has something amazing-looking that is soon-to-be launched though.. super ready to try it out.

Fastmail + Mutt (desktop) + Fairmail (Android) Probably not what you`re looking for, but Fastmail is great

Im also bullish on a to-do app within the inbox. I currently use captio to capture all of my thoughts / ideas and auto send to inbox on the go but would love the ability to click add to-do when something like this shows up in my inbox

Superhuman. Love it.

But Id also love to be able to create specific inboxes so I could file things like newsletters, to-dos, and something for receipts like the paper trail

Gmail As much as I`ve tried changing clients I always come back to it

Yeah, same. The solution in my mind would be one domain - for example [email protected] with an interface like heys but it would allow me to set up different alias emails & inboxes but would all funnel to my main email Then I would reply from the respective alias

Gmail + Allows for multiple accounts to be added with 100% separation instead of a clunky inbox with everything and anything. Not to mention quick access to any of your most used apps.

Gsuite. Apple mail app. I liked UI but the biggest problem I had was calendar invites & eliminating confision for my other emails Im an entrepreneur with multiple projects and would love one email app with the ability to set up alias emails tor my companies

Thunderbird with Gmail

Gmail (apps) + Kiwi for Gmail An uncommon one I suspect, but it works well for me.

Gmail for personal, and Google Workspace (G Suite) for business. I use the Spark apps for Mac and iOS. Privacy note: They fetch emails on their servers, for push notifications and snooze. I`m happy to trust them, and the apps are incredibly good.

Mixture of Gmail & O365, testing Spark on them right now, seems to be working.

Hey - Hey Gsuite - Apple Mail

Gmail through Polymail

Small private host + outlook across all my devices.

Gmail and I love/hate it. All my custom domains forward through fastmail to gmail. Havent found the energy to flip that yet (its been like four years)

Google. Switching to the moment gives me a

Gmail, but I really miss Inbox

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