What`s wrong with this image

April 25, 2022, 10:06 pm
What`s wrong with this image
What`s wrong with this image

It`s 101% real Out of 200

Everything? Notifiaction bar from idk where, the controls are from Samsung Experience and finally, the 100gb option

I need a tutorial for this

EVERYTHING Virtual ram??

This is real, and also proven to slow the phone down. Do not recommend unless you want to flex on a small number of people who care.

Is that for real? I too have some strange issues time to time where my Android OS device says my apps are using way more ram than what`s actually installed (12GB of an individual app`s RAM usage when 3GB is only physically installed). Perhaps this is a common error?

Ohhh! But which major Android apps support vram

oh wait youre connecting to another phone nvm. lol

why dont you just connect it via a cable. cuz bluetooth is REALLY slow

2 bluetooth icons, old navigation keys likely goodlock and ram plus is supposed to stop at 12gb not 100

Its all right Oh! Translation: How much more RAM do you guys need, bruh?

100 GB RAM !? no way !

Samsung be trippin

It`s missing 1000gb option

Oh i totally forgot the Tethering lol

the bluetooth icon

Niceee it looks great

"how to download more RAM from the internet?"

This looks noble ROMish

I see my own errors

Modified image but I have not used your capture

Why 2 Bluetooth icons ?!


Nope that was all

It is hardly noticeable that this photo is fake Theres no time on the left hand top

I don`t get what`s the logic behind it.

Android 7 nav buttons!

Question is how? I have a 512gb fold so I would love to

Wow...this is something new... but ram management is very poor on s22 series

Put 1TB and f*ck up your device

Uhm.. wifi doesnt really drain that much..

So in 128gb phones, 100gb v ram will WORK?

Yeah Ik dude...you can also set 20 or 30

Isnt it hella slow?

It is not Linear Increase in Memory which is natural in case of Memory capacity handling.

100GB virtual ram it is impossible

Ram Pro Max Plus

Btw, by modifying how much Ram can be added in a 128gb phone??

why are there 2 bluetooth icons ?

The navigation bar at the bottom It`s pre OneUI. Samsung Experience?

Whoa... awesome...Do it in my phone but set only 50 Gb

How the heck does it show 100gb as ram plus

Only one question are the storage modules that fast compared to the RAM ? Like really does it really help...still access time will be higher from the ROM...

Max allowed is 8gb...this is edited image...

I see nothing wrong with this.

This seems kind of dumb why would you want to add slower ram to your phone, you should have enough anyways. This is like downloading ram off of the internet.

100 GB. Okay bro, I`m out

100 GB . bug??
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