what`s the craziest thing you bought because of BTS?

December 7, 2021, 2:36 pm
what`s the craziest thing you bought because of BTS?
whats the craziest thing you bought because of BTS?

A whole GD vacation...flights, hotels, car, concert tickets (3 shows), everything they goes with it, food, merchandise, gas, all for 2 because I brought my daughter. The whole BTSARMY knows this struggle!! Worth every cent

i had craked my phone on purpose so that my mom could get me a samsung flip phone thingey becuase i wonted the same phone as bts

Samsung phone and still dont know how to use it lol. Still use my iPhone and use the Samsung to stream and at concert recently

Coffee. I don`t even drink coffee.

I didnt but anything but had a huge loss in sleep

Um...easy. a trip to LA for D1. And I`d do it again !

Definitely booking an Airbnb& flights and buying concert tickets for LA while at that point my country was still banned from enter the US

I just bought a freaking whale dog toy..

Merch. I`m not a collector and now I can`t stop myself. I want everything. lolll

Plane tickets to LA

bts meal from McDonald`s And the fact that i am pure vegetarian and i bought that just for that bag

Bought lots of stuff cuz of them but last week got my husband a FILA sweatshirt and he didnt like it cuz it was FILA n asked me what possessed me to buy him FILA - I said cuz it looked good so now i kept the sweatshirt for myself. Maybe i wanted to backhug Yoongi irl

Android after being an Apple user for like ever.

Well signed pages and albums, their whole discography, their photocards (Korean and Japanese), their memories (missing 2018) dvds and Blu-ray and everything else.

The BTS Samsung phone and earbuds that are still in the boxes.

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