What`s sth we don`t make that you want us

July 13, 2022, 2:50 pm
What`s sth we don`t make that you want us
What`s sth we don`t make that you want us to?

LiDAR technology on all smartphones.

Rebuild an exact A37f with a 6GB RAM, glass back, side mounted fingerprint sensor. I love it compact

Give me a OPPOFindX5Pro as a gift.

Smartphones with different fps slowmo recording features. Smartphones with app supports of wide angle cameras as iphone does for instagram and other social media app.

Smartphones with 4k resolution front camera

An itag competitor for Android in partnership with google to have each Android looking for the tag rather than the crowd sourced tiles which are no hope to people who don`t live in large cities.

Universal OTA Updates. Better releases !

One Camera smart phone with metalic body.. With new features

Cheaper service fees and longer battery life.

I would say sell your stuff in my country (Sweden) :(

What about this? Hi OPPO! I would really like the concept of "ir blaster" in your smartphones..

We want u to Pay the taxes as per law

I asked this question with my friend Friend answer be like = GF If we didn`t make smartphones, what do you think we should be making? what happened with this post

Make laptop, electric bike

Make laptops,embedded ColorOS into them.... An OPPOtunity to make wonders

The find N available in Europe ? I`d be glad to have one

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