What`s more interesting to the people in the gaming

September 15, 2021, 2:03 pm
What`s more interesting to the people in the gaming
What`s more interesting to the people in the gaming community? Xbox PlayStation

Indy that could possibly be Xbox uncharted which Id be up for

At this stage, Im personally not excited for either. Id like to know more before I get my hopes up.

The only remake or remaster that is acceptable is GTA IV. I dont care about any others because they chose remasters and remakes over giving us PS3 backwards compatibility on ps5

I am interested in both

It`s KOTOR. I love Indiana Jones, but it`s way past its prime. And most young people don`t care for it Star Wars is still going strong. With new series like Mandalorian, new Trilogies and spin-offs

Kotor but its coming to Xbox also Star Wars is better than Indiana Ill play Indiana but I wouldnt rush out for it Id just play tomb raider lol

KotOR will be chock full of SJW pandering and forced political agendas, that`s why they`re changing the story. Otherwise you can`t have the lgbtq+ lesbian Revan doing everything in her power to take down the oppressive male dominated galactic patriarchy.

A remake vs a new game??? Thats an easy choice .. more when its indiana Jones something similar to tomb Raider Will be sick..

And you c the bot community not playing the game or buying the game to support the developers!!!

Indiana Jones and Kotor on pc, problem solved

Both Biased ... Indiana Jones is a dead franchise...never a good game cane from it... and the last movie was like 10 years ago... Starwars is a constant in the public... great games history and always a good choice...

KoTOR, hands down! I like Indianna Jones, but man its a remake of KoTOR!! One of the greatest sci-fi RPGs, I aint missing that!

Looking more forward to Kotor just because its a remake of an already established game so I know what Im getting essentially. Indiana Jones is a new IP and honestly Im not the biggest fan of the movies in the first place. But who knows for sure how itll turn out.

I played the original and starwars games are getting somewhat predictable but Indiana Jones has been benched for decades, I`d love to see what machine game does in terms of story, mechanics and gameplay.

KOTOR and Indiana Jones on PC and PS/Xbox.

they wont even buy it ,

I lost all interest in KOTOR Remake once I found out it was going SJW.

Well since one is time exklusive and a remaster of a gane i played already, i`ll go with indiana jones

Kotor isn`t exclusive

I have to see more... Or anything from both. I don`t like Indy but if the game is good... I love Star Wars and Kotor back then, but it needs major Gameplay upgrades to hold up today. I won`t play it with the old fighting system again, it just wasn`t much fun 15 years ago.

I WAS really hyped about KOTOR R, but when I saw the main writer, that hype died

YT says hi. Viewership and reactions to the videos prove this pole is just Xbox fanboy fud lol

YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER! New experience > remake As simple as that

So if the new Tomb Raider was a ripoff of Uncharted, does that mean Indiana Jones will be a ripoff of Tomb Raider being a ripoff of Uncharted?

Well honestly indi is more interesting because the star wars is a remake of a older game so i kinda already know what to expect.

The more I see of who kotor is being work on by the more concerned I get.

This poll is so dishonest.

I`m looking forward to that timed exclusive KOTOR Remake that is coming to PC and other consoles at a later date, That exclusive Iniana Jones game is probably staying exclusive

I`m so juiced for KOTOR on PC but that doesn`t mean an Indian Jones game isn`t exciting. I wish I could have picked both.

This is clearly a Xbox fanboy thread

indiana jones be going dummy dummy

Why not both... Indiana Jones is only ahead because the xbitches are too afraid to admit playstation did something better

Where`s the option for BOTH?

Why post a poll about a Ps5 vs Xbox game on an account with mainly Xbox fans? Fanboy ego "boosting" 101

I don`t know what kotor is what is it?

KOTOR will be on Xbox doofus

Right gaming community I only have a PS but I`m more interested in Indiana because I wanna hear more about it. I`ve I`ve heard about KOTOR

KOTOR is coming to Xbox eventually, but it`s an old game. Most people can wait on this. Indiana Jones is a next generation game ONLY on Xbox and PC made by the same studio that made the Wolfenstein games.

Is that a fair comparison? We know almost nothing about what Indiana Jones is about but we know what Kotor is about.

It`s a tough one. On one hand you have a great classic being remade in KOTOR, while on the other hand you have a iconic figure in a completely new game by a great studio. Both are great option imo, but I still have to give the edge to good old Indy.

I can`t decide. With the rumours that the next Indiana Jones movie will have a woman as a new Indy, the new game could also have a female lead in a massive IP and that`s of huge importance going forward.

KOTOR would be far more interesting if a top tier dev like Bioware or Obsidian were doing the ground up remake.

Indiana Jones is going to be a direct Uncharted competitor. Ill take Nathan Drake over it.

Im sorry but what the hell is Kotor

Kotor but it needs to come to Xbox after the time exclusivity is up

Definitely for me knights of the old republic. Because I loved that game.

Bots are rattled and trying to cope! Lmao

I am more excited about Indiana Jones than anybody but man has this poll been fanboyed

KOTOR is still coming to Xbox hows about i choose both for the Xbox even though i have both consoles I refuse to get KOTOR on my PS5

KoTOR by ROCKSTAR? But I am not too enthused by Playstation these days. As a huge star wars fan I`d say KOTOR but as a gamer I`d choose Indiana Jones as it`ll be a new game and a new story when KOTOR is a remake of a story we already know.

Unfortunately neither. They dont really care about games, just bickering back and forth about who has the best console

I only voted Indiana Jones cause its not a remake.

Indiana Jones???? Over KOTORugh.

Always and forever a new IP, I dnt like rebuying games I have already played and tht well also depend on the game and how much of an upgrade to make it worth my time rebuyin it again.

im still excited for KOTOR remake don`t get me wrong, but something new is always going to be more exciting than a remake imo. I`m very intrigued in how Machine Games (mostly known for FPS games) will handle a Indiana Jones game.

A lot of PS fans think XBOX gamers are bitter that the updated KOTOR is exclusive to PS5; news flash the majority aren`t. Had it been a KOTOR 3 they would`ve. I beat KOTOR 1 & 2 on the original XBOX more than once, great experience, ate good, paid the bill. Harrison Ford and Sean Connery remade just doesn`t click well.. we saw how the last movie went. They`re old. It wasn`t originally a video game, and movie to game-game to movie rarely work out well. Tomb Raider and Uncharted already exist. Unless its just like telltale games.

Already played like 6 Uncharted games, 12 tomb Raider games, and other similar clones. Im so down for a remake of KOTOR.

I`m Xbox all the way but I`m picking Kotor over Indiana Jones any day

Thats easy, Indy on Xbox. We already have Kotor, I think most of us want a good, modern Indy game.

It was KOTOR but because of the woke writer eh hard pass

Kotor all the way. And I own an xbox.

Bruh...both can be timed exclusives as far as we know. I`m a Xbox main but KOTOR is a proven masterpiece to me so I had to go for the remake.

Indiana Jones has a special place in my family, my 60 year old father and all of his brothers were big fans of the franchise, yknow those James bond / Indiana Jones dad`s. Yeah it`s very special and I can`t wait to play it.

New is better. Indiana Jones is an untapped gold mine of an IP.

It would have been Kotor, but the more I hear about the remake, the more it worries me.

Indiana Jones will be a brand new experience. No disrespect to KOTOR, but it`s literally a remake not only that Xbox have this BC with 4K 60fps & HDR/Dolby Vision. Not missing out on anything fa real. I feel Indiana Jones will turn out to be like Uncharted & I`m down for that!

As much as I want to play Kotor remastered, I`ve already played through the original around 7 times trying new things so I`m more excited for something completely new then re used ideas. INDIANA JONES for me but I`ll get both.

I`m no Playstation fan...but I love KOTOR....and I`ll prolly get a PS5 just to play it....even tho I already have a Series X and I`m sure it`ll come to Xbox in a year but I gotta play that sooner than later

Indiana Jones because MG has a track record for making great games. Idk what the fuck Aspyr has done, a cgi trailer isnt enough to sell it. Ive heard wonderful thints about the original KOTOR. And i excited for both games. But Indiana Jones is way more interesting right now

Love star wars but Indiana Jones wins cause it will be a new game.

Indiana Jones. Love KOTOR but been there and done it

I`m an Xbox guy, but 71% are very, very wrong here

Since some terrible person is in charge of writing the KOTOR remake Ill take Indiana Jones.

KOTOR vs Poors man Uncharted. Easy choice.

Luckily Xbox will get both. Definitely Indiana Jones though.

Not a fair question since we dont really know much about either of them. Especially Indiana Jones.

Just remember before you choose this will be used against in the future so lie and say indiana jones at your own peril

Weird stats, was expecting more people to vote star wars just because of the IP Indiana jones kinda fell off the radar many years ago imo

Wish there was an option for both. Love KOTOR and Indiana Jones!

Its tough for me to say. Id like to see the actual games first. Either way, keep em coming, People choose Indiana because 1)they have found out who`s writing the SW remake..no thanks and 2)developers behind the remake has only done ports of star wars games like episode one racer lol

Just because it`s on Xbox people won`t even give it a chance. wolverine had a cgi trailer just like Indiana Jones yet that gets all the praise.

I love Indiana Jones and it seems like they could make a really interesting game. I feel like Star Wars is getting over done with all the movies shows and games coming out recently

As an xbox player I`m not hyped for Indiana Jones at all, dont know why, but incredibly excited for KOTOR (as long as they change the combat)

People on here saying "we have played KOTOR before". Yea 3 generations ago lol the remake is being completely rebuilt from the ground up, and KOTOR was fantastic for it`s time years ago. Now imagine that, but new gen on PS5. Bottom line: Star Wars > Indiana Jones.

Im opting for Indiana Jones simply because its something new. Not that Im not keen on Knights rebuilt from the ground-up.

I know what to expect with KOTOR, remastered or not. Not saying it wont probably be awesome, but it is a remake of an old game. I am also very interested in seeing whats up with Indiana Jones, seeing as we know not much about it so far

I loved Kotor first time round, one of my all time favourites, and if it was a sequel i`d be well up for it, but I just struggle to get excited about remakes no matter how much I liked the original.

Im not really interested in either to be honest.

With KOTOR we know what it is and expect an upgrade to visuals and a fine tuned combat system. I`m more intrigued by Indy given the unknowns, will MG stay in their comfort zone of FPS or go 3rd person? How will MG adapt to toning down their narratives for a Disney property?

I read kotor has added some woke writer if they go woke it will be shit. Sure the reviewers will love it they are woke af

I am a slight fan of indie jones but the thing is that I am a bigger star wars fan that I am more interested in KOTOR R. I REALLY hope it doesnt just stay on PS5 and goes to Xbox at least and I am know there will be a PC port. This is how you divide a community.

No excitement for KOTOR at the moment since they are a small unproven team, but more so because they hired Sam Maggs as a lead writer for the remake. She should arguably not work in the industry at all and especially not on a property she openly hates! Still blows my mind

idk why choose. I`ll be playing both day one on pc.

Indiana Jones because we already have kotor 1&2 on Xbox through BC.(enhanced 4K60FPS with auto hdr)

I honestly didnt like KOTOR but love Star Wars. Im hoping the rework will be a lot better. Dont really know anything about IJ yet

Kotor and Indiana Jones come to pc, so im happy

KOTOR has been done already Please stop with all the remakes & remaster and instead give us new games, new adventures, new IPs

Indy its a new game. Remakes,Remasters enough is enough with them

Love Kotor. I probably won`t replay it but my daughters do want to play it. Indy if it is like tomb raider or uncharted they probably will want to play it too

weve played kotor we havent played indiana jones

Toxic and directed question, since one is a great and beloved classic and the other isn`t more than a name.

Writer of the kotor remake thinks last jedi is the best star wars... gives me pause

Im extremely excited for both but come on we all know what game is gonna get the bigger attention

Jones for sure, just for fact that`s its new Game & want to see what Machine Games can do with the genre.

I`d take a brand new game over a remake any day

Considering KOTOR is a timed exclusive the only correct answer is Indy, the only exclusive game.

i cant belevie people want more Indiana omfg Kotor is masterpiece and og Xbox goty 2003. Imagine remake like RE2. Shame.

Have a PS5 and a Series X so won`t be missing on either One of these is for both PS5 and Xbox, and one of them is definitely for Xbox and maaaaaybe for PS5. Still, I voted KOTOR. It`s one of the only Western RPG`s I`ve played through more than once, the last time on my iPad of all places. I`ll play it on my Xbox, where it feels right

Already played both KOTORs so I`ll take the new experience

Hard to answer. I love KOTOR, but we know literally nothing about the Indy game.

KOTOR is still widely regarded as one of the best Star Wars games so Id say that one just for nostalgia. Still excited for both though

literally have no Idea what Indiana Jones will turn out like, the variables are so high. - Can Machine Games pull off 3rd person action - Bethesda is known for RPGs - Is it exclusive? All that is super intriguing and I love a good underdog story, so gimme Indiana Jones e`reday

All i hear is that people are fed up with sony style third person adventure games so their is a jedi mind trick at work here.

Tbh, I have played KOTOR so many times by now, the root core of the game will be the same. If it changes too much, it would not be KOTOR. But IJ promises a new franchise. A chance to do something fresh and exciting. I`ll take the whip ATM over the light sabre.

Kotor Remake for Xbox

Cause the writer for kotor may damage the game.

I already have k o t o r i don`t need the remake I`m playing it right now

Big Indiana Jones fan but if the rumours about it being first person are true I have a lot less interest tbh. KOTOR interests me more at the moment but only by a tiny bit.

Ima have to go with both but Star Wars more

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