What other cryptos do you hodl besides #dogecoin and

August 6, 2021, 5:10 pm
What other cryptos do you hodl besides #dogecoin and
What other cryptos do you hodl besides dogecoin and why?

$TKING takes the current biscuit looking forward to whitepaper later today as the narrative develops

TKING if you know what happens after a popular token releases its whitepaper you know why I am holding TKING. Less then 2 hrs till releases its whitepaper. If you missed shiba before they released their whitepaper this is your time to buy TKING and not miss moon.

Real project with long term goals and charitable contributions. Great meme name. Diamond Hands $DHC

dogecoin & TigerKingCoin $TKing has the support of Matt Wallace. Super low market cap currently. White paper release today with big announcements. Netflix Season 2 on the way. Peacock series being filmed. Cannabis line. Prison release soon.. there`s a lot on the way!! I`m already accumulating a low cap gem called Stakenet`s $XSN. It is one of the best projects that are attractive for long-term investments. Well-designed road map, a transparent team of professionals, supportive groups and predictable growth.

Just about 2 hours from Launch!!! Dont miss it! None, only Doge.

making moves today

$TCLWS bc helping big cats is important to their survival

Doge 2.0! Going to be one heck of a ride coming up! doge2 BSCGem funincoming

AMC not a crypto tho

None, bacause DOGE is my one and only

SO many good coins ninjadoge is good. $MM token is amazing. $Androt is under 300K MC on eth is a bargin. Bid is going to be the more powerful DEFI. $rboys is going to protect everyone`s investment. $Bmon is the next $axs.. So many more COP lol

$doge, $AMP, $ETH, $ADA, $BTC, $LTC are primary investments then others that are more just for fun or maybe get lucky with. The why for my main ones are the support, community`s, and I just like the coin

$BIMP Less than 3M MC, just launched. Passive income of $BIMP & $BNB daily directly to your pocket by just HODLing. Premium NFTmoney backed by $BIMP and tradable. Upcoming internation esports event this month.

doge2 amazing tokenomics and rewards

Direwolf $Dire Direwolftoken thats it for alt coins, thats all I need for Lambo come check them out Aroooooo

I am holding Bimp it positively change the dynamics of cryptocurrency holding bimp gives you decent daily rewards in bnb. It is a beautiful project to earn passive income while your principal investment keeps appreciating you awesome

Diamond hands for sure DHC

Doge- because the dog is cute. Bitcoin- because thats how ballers roll. Ethereum- because its Bitcoins cousin. Litecoin- because its the most affordable compared with real value (USD).

You hold (DOGEBACK) you get DOGECOIN as a reward for being a Dogeback surprisingly received a positive message from The creator of our powerful DOGE. Less then 4 hours left.... fairlaunch Get yourself ready to be part of a great concept protecttherugged $DUT World`s first anti rug token Pornstar Finance...crytpoporn AdMonkey....cryptomarketing UltimoGG...cryptogaming SnoopDoge.....cryptoweed GDoge when its released....cryptoNFTs and anime/manga

all about cardano and ether right now

I hodl doge shib Ethereum Bitcoin and Ada just in case But 50% of my crypto portfolio is doge

Doge all day ,Doge all night

I am hodling Doge first and foremost, have fractional parts of ETH and Btc . Btc n eth not long term, Doge: hodl till forever

$THETA because its going to achieve global domination

Too easy. SUPPLY: 100 billion 10% of buys go to holders in BUSD + 5% liquidity tax 14% of sells go to holders in BUSD + 7% liquidity tax Max Hold: 1.5 billion tokens Max Buy: 399 million tokens Liq locked for 10 years Contract ownership renounced

$XRP $SOL $ETH ICP and some other secret coins that I did by not following someone`s financial advice pumpy ;) wink wink!

A little bit of everything. I`m one of those "I`ll put minimum $20-$30 on everything broker offers in case of a good rocket" kinda guys. Going in harder on Doge though . Happy to do my part.

I always choose $cvp over and over again... for the next 10x gems, its currently undervalued with its strong fundamentals with the launch of $xcvp and BSCdefi which has boost up the price positively. powerindex BSCDEFI doge2 because of the team and the project! etc cuz i am too poor for eth and ltc cuz i love old things

I love NINJADOGE because I Hodl NINJADOGE and I get automatic doge for 3 days Ninjadoge game coming by end of August. Original FORTNITE artist and BIG game developer involved EARN dogecoin WHILE HOLDING . dogecoin crypto BSCGems ninjadoge. There are other cryptos? Lol jk i got some eth i used to mint an nft

This...... I like WAX CPT 70% of my portfolio is the one and only doge

$doge - 40% $shiba - 10% $ada - 10% $matic - 10% $eth - 10% $sol - 10% $1inch - 10% NFTs - $slp, axs, $gala - equally distirbuted Reason: trust the process

ada, rune, eth, btc, btt Why because you wont make it holding one coin. IMO

XRP - its undervalued and has a better use case then lot of different coins. Once they get clearance from Regulators. It will compete with likes of eth.

Just a few, but it`s for profit to purchase more doge dogecoin is Family.

the community always buys the dips. And her community is fiercely loyal.

because we are hitting $1 EOY.

BTC, ETH, XMR. I hold doge and LTC since I run a bunch of scrypt miners, and I also started adding a touch of LINK and DOT lately.

I hold .. We support puppies,just for holding we get Doge as rewards

i hodl goin since 2013. Plus it has a 100% staking for charity in with it...

$ACH all the way! Its the bridge.

babydoge for potential growth and for the project of charity saving dogs.

I love and have invested heavily, I love the Community. But other good projects are out too to invest and wait for when our dogecoin will moon, and I found is the right place to be with a doxxed dev and great Community too. Don`t miss it like early safemoon

Doge got no fundamentals.. the future is fir Ether, ADA and of course BTC

gives rewards. August release of iOS/Android game with involvement of artist/other top tier game developers. Dont miss out on this and getting dogecoin rewards on the side. ninjadoge crypto bscgems Well selfishly I hodl $FTHT fthemheggies

Btc eth doge doge doge ada tking

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