What one iPhone feature would you like to see

October 12, 2021, 1:38 pm
What one iPhone feature would you like to see
What one iPhone feature would you like to see on Android?

Imessage and i switch instantly

Honestly i just wanna go to iphone since i used android more than a decade and i know android has more features than ios but i want to move on and experience ios life

Headphone jack, oh wait..

I think the video processing on the i phone is exceptionally good so that is something i wish to see in the android phones.

Optimization on apps and longer support

That unlocking animation!!!!

Hmmm...honestly I can`t think of any since iPhones lack so many damn features.

The notification center

Tap to go to the top of the page!

Good optimizations, Smoothness and 6+ years update

Quality Apps. Long term support...

That buttery smooth animations

Fluidity and smoothness... I don`t this that android will ever develop that (especially Samsung ((()

Quality of apps ! Its wouldnt happen because its using java code

Navigation gestures as smooth as ios especially when orientation is changed .

iOS. That stability of iOS + android phones hardver and cameras. That would be dream smartphone

Notifications. . Just kidding. Honestly, privacy features. Its awesome.

None they have them all its the other way around MAte !

I don`t think there`s anything.

I would love to see an Android app draw on iPhone or iPad I hate the clutter on my iPad home screen. Widgets are also so much better on Androids home screens and the back button is so much better at the bottom on Android and not top left like iPad and iPhone. Sorry to moan lol.

Increase or decrease time in alarm snooze, notifications banner like android, download options from internet, basic things I would like to see in iPhone

Shortcuts. Video quality

I honestly can`t think of any

Battery health could be nice

Live Text straight in the camera app - without having to resort to getting out to (example: Google Lens)

That photo drag and drop feature

imessage,facetime and cinematic video mode

The responsive screen orientation change. I don`t know why Android is so much worse in this. Also, the way the keyboard handles secondary characters (swipe down instead of long press) Other than that.... Hmm, can`t think of any

Volume control included in the notification drop down

Butter Smooth and camera

Good messaging app, drag and drop support, more animations, default shortcuts type app, cross device sharing, clipboard, etc.

Better integration with third party camera apps. Vast majority of iOS cam apps produce same level of quality outputs as native app but that`s definitely not the case with android. However, Android is way more flexible overall

5 years of updates and high resale value.

Nothing, IOS is too behind

The new system wide drag & drop is pretty cool.

theres no feature like that

Google assistant is trash compared to Siri. Need a phone that listens better hahahaha

I don`t know if that technically counts as an iPhone feature, but I`d like all social media apps to display the photos/videos we post online with it`s original quality. That`s not Android`s fault though. That`s why I`m technically not sure.

some integrated facetime that people actually use

Consistency of iOS whether its speed/animation RAM management or updates (neglect the bugs but see my 6S from 2017 still support latest iOS) this one I expect! Especially from Samsung, Sony & Google Pixel- all OEM has the ability to do this with hardware n software

I would like to have something from Android on iPhone, like full access to storage, USB C for charging/video/data, emulation support. But most if all, access to storage is a must. Files app is good, but no where near file managers on Android.

I can`t think of any iOS features not on android except airdrop and I don`t consider it as feature android has its own alternative to ti and its better atleast it works with a lot kore devices.

In iPhone, Caller ID by Truecaller is integrated within Dailer, In android it displays a pop-up and often pushes ads that way

iMessages and the quality of camera performance from the front facing camera across all apps (camera/app optimization).

Apple Should Get Some Features From Android, Android Has So Many Interesting Features Than The iOS, Android Iz More Intresting And Innovating

The eye candy of iOS. Sometime on Android today looks a pretty. I would like to give Face ID a try, just curious as to how well it works and play around with an emoji of myself.

Drag and drop was fun to see. But IDK how much it`s gonna be useful

ApplePay. Far better in the UK. I never have to carry my wallet anymore because everywhere takes it and its not limited to 45 contactless

I think Apple`s eco system is far superior and would prefer that feature on Android, or may be the air drop.

Apps install more than one at a time. Doing updates and having to wait for a big app to complete install before the next app will is annoying. Also, better transfer utility. Loved setting up my new iPhone to see it be exactly as my old one was including apps all signed in.

Idk, I`m sure there are plenty of things but I can`t think of any right now. I would however love it if more phones had LG`s air commands or whatever they called them. I`d love to control my phone without having to touch it, like while I`m doing dishes.

Instagram story looking crisp and nice

Battery health percentage and optimised charging

Face ID, I know Samsung has face unlock but it`s not like Apples. Also and this is not necessarily android as I know the OnePlus has this but on Samsung I`d like the switch on the side for loud and silent.

Cant come up with anything major. Will answer anyway Battery health. Dont want to use third party apps to do this. Hope Google adds it in future release.

Make RCS default standard across all carriers and all regions to be an iMessage equivalent.

Seamless hardware-software integration

I think you have iPhone and android the wrong way around

Software optimization and battery health.

Simultaneous note sharing ...

I would say Software optimization level and software support

FaceTime or a common iteration of it,thats built into all phones as a common platform.

Core integration of Text To Speech in ALL apps, and not just 1st party ones.

I would love the memories gallery on the home page, Xiaomi has it but it only displays one photo and that`s all and it irritates me so much

The amazing RAM optimization

I can`t say there`s anything.

I honestly have a hard time coming up with something, but I would have to say I want a messaging app thats similar to iMessage. Where it is linked to your google account and phone number so you can sign in to it on other devices. And mandatory that every device has it.

No no no that`s not how it works, iOS uses android as a test platform not the other way around

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