What kind of logic is that? Raytracing is still

February 7, 2021, 5:15 pm
What kind of logic is that? Raytracing is still
What kind of logic is that? Raytracing is still enabled in Photo-mode and requires major CPU consumption.

Can we just stop taking it to far and changing reality to get Xbox wins. You shouldn`t have to try to use photomode to prove SX is more powerful. Does PC need photomode to run better ? Power is power it`s not that complicated SX has major bottlenecks is SW and HW.

Saved by the bug damn you got me. Either way I`m tired of these pointless arguments. I only started this because kids got their microscopes out and measured fps in PHOTOMODE ffs. So now they run identical again still doesn`t change the fact photomode is a bs benchmark.

Man Alex is an xbot chump that makes DF look bad he needs to just chill and stop damage controlling Xbox like he`s on the payroll. I`ll wait until vets this most likely garbage fanboy video. If it`s facts he`ll say it`s facts.

That`s pop in

Why are you giving your self L`s now.

Yeah it`s rediculous that ps5 has the better textures. Takes more resources to smooth the textures like that. Xbox is pre damaged.

Not according to an actual game dev So now the ps5 is being compared with pc architecture when it doesn`t even use direct x 12 lol

Hooo ok my bad, i forgot it

I wouldn`t die on this hill. It is true RT takes CPU performance, but when all AI and physics are disabled then obviously it doesn`t take the same amount of CPU "power". But regardless, this game just runs better on XSX`s GPU. There is absolutely nothing to dispute that.

Yeah Remedy are going to fix it.

Yeah I remember too. But anything is possible

Man his shilling for sony is insane!!

Possibly, but idk

It doesn`t reduce anything, Photo-mode is 100% like gameplay, it just pauses the frame, it doesn`t yield any performance advantage, TLOU 2 when I go into Photo-mode while FPS is dipping in gameplay, it`s still dipping in Photo-mode Sony fanboys are damage (control)ling this one.

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