What is your device stack? (e

September 20, 2021, 5:55 pm
What is your device stack? (e
What is your device stack? (e.g. desktop PC + iPad + smartphone) Give me your pitch on why it works well for you.

Powerful custom desktop (Windows + Linux) for gaming and heavy work, old laptop (Linux only) for portable computer needs + Smartphone + Kindle for books

MBA, iPad, iPhone, apple watch The iPad is pretty useless since the m1 mac is just as fast/light the truth is that paper + pen/pencil is a perfected medium, way more extensible (e.g. I like fountain pens), and the analog+tactile vibe is underrated

desktop windows pc (main) + ipad (for class shit) + oneplus 6 (phone stuff) + windows laptop (used it mainly when i was on an exchange program now it`s kinda sitting)

The only thing it needs is some sorta wacky ultra-portable Linux device to code on when I`m out and about, and to whip out to demo things when needed. Hoping the Steam Deck fits the bill, though the screen might be too crap to be usable.

- iPhone 12 (iPhones are poggers, next) - Apple Watch Series 7 (incoming at a later date but fitness is cool) - 2013 MacBook Air (personal coding laptop and low-power workhorse. Texting from a laptop is life-changing) - 2016? MacBook Pro (work laptop and can access my iCloud)

old ass mbp running osx, for browsing, meetings, music, and notes msi laptop running arch for coding, windows for gaming iphone for testing iOS app android when not broken as main phone its not perfect but it works, getting a new mac soon, bc have to use osx for ios builds

desktop PC, company issued macbook pro, iphone not sure why i`d need anything else

i used to use my desktop for photo editing but now my laptop is fast enough to do it all. if i wanna do music stuff i`ll use my desktop but besides that, it`s just gaming. i never browse the internet on my desktop or do anything else really

- Larger, more powerful laptop (Sys76 oryx) for home use - Smaller, lighter, more robust laptop (XPS 13) for travel - Degoogled Android phone for phone Laptops run Arch/Ubuntu with Sway, phone runs Lineage+microG.

i love my watch so much haha, it genuinely motivates me to move more and work out regularly i think i could easily get away with just macbook + watch + phone and be completely happy. but it`s nice being able to play PC games with friends, and i like the niche abilities of the rm

- iPhone 6S: blue bubbles - macbook: iOS dev - bootleg free lineage OS amazon fire tablet: watching anime, ssh via termux - kindle: reading infinite number of books, kept in airplane mode - xbox: gaming appliance - linux desktop: it`s awesome

smartphone for everyday use adjacent to whatever else I`m doing. desktop PC for times I`m good with more of my attention being on the screen

remarkable 2 + iphone + macbook + windows pc + kindle + apple watch i think this is kind of the maximalist approach, and i`m interested in the new ipads, but honestly i think iphone + macbook + watch is more than enough. i use the iphone kindle app way more than my kindle

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