What do you think if someone is going to

September 23, 2022, 11:34 am
What do you think if someone is going to
What do you think if someone is going to learn iOS dev should we start with SwiftUI or UIKit?

With SwiftUI you have to learn programming on 2 different levels (app logic + UI). UIKit is a bit more WYSIWYG so you can focus on app logic. It`s simply less error prone for simple things which makes it easier for beginners IG. The future will be SwiftUI at some point tho

I like to add the dimension of what your goals are to answer this. Do you want to build apps? Learn SwiftUI and some UIKit if necessary. Do you want a career in the field? Then the question is wide open again

You can get away with just SwiftUI in a lot of areas, but it`s very area dependent. My city is known to be a little behind, so I decided to check. I looked up job listings on Indeed in my area and most say UIKit, but 10% didn`t state what they want.

Basically should start with Swift, not SwiftUI or UIKit.

Depends on where you want to go. Large code base on big platforms like Spotify for example, have common code, most likely C++ or Java. So you cant just do SwiftUI, you need to know C++ -> Obj-c -> Swift -> SwiftUI, and make the code interoperability works.

If your livelihood depends on the thing you`re building then learn UIKit.

i asked this question in 2014 when Swift came up. i decided to learn Swift and i am so happy with my decision.

I think you should start with SwiftUI, but at some point you need to be familiar with UIKit, because a lot of the already existing code bases are using it.

UIKit. I rewrote my app in SwiftUI and at some point you are forced to use UIKit, because of bugs or because SwiftUI isnt just there. In 2-3 that might totally change, but for now its UIKit imo.

Depends on what youre building and where youll work, but SwiftUI is undoubtedly the future. Some new features require you to use SwiftUI, while some old things require at least some knowledge of UIKit. SwiftUI is also multi-platform while UIKit natively only covers 3 platforms.

SwiftUI is an excellent shortcut to achieving standard designated applications. However, to sharpen them or make transitions precisely, UIKit is still the right tool you should keep in your knowledge base so far.

if the aim is to get a job - learn UIKit. if the aim is to build your own apps - learn SwiftUI

UIKit is a good bet as majority of jobs still rely on it. It is also by far the superior framework to build high quality, stable apps. SwiftUI is still years away from being mature enough.

I think the answer for this has been pretty clear for a while now. Youre throwing away time by learning UIKit at this point.

Depends if they want a job at the end.

If you want to work in the industry, UIKit. If you are an indie doing your own thing, 99% of the time SwiftUI probably the right choice now.

I wrote about that a few months ago and is still my opinion. Still my opinion, at the moment, but may update in the next year I started in iOS 13 2019 BECAUSE of SwiftUI... don`t learn old and dated tech... gone before you remember to blink.

If it is just a hobby then SwiftUI. If you are interested in iOS dev job then UIKit.

I think both start with uikit basics then jump to swiftui to understand fundamentals of imperative ui

It`s a shorter path to productivity with SwiftUI, and therefore more likely a new learner will stay motivated. Sooner or later they`ll run into a wall and have to learn UIKit.

SwiftUI! I have onboarded two interns directly on SwiftUI who had no previous experience in Mobile development. They have finished large module without needing of UIKit. Dont seea point of going back to UIKit

Both should be tried then continue on with the one that clicked first. Those frameworks are fundamentally different and I doubt anyone will find themselves equally attuned to both.

Just stick with OpenGL 2.0 and the event loop. (Heh heh heh)

I think SwiftUI can be a cool tool to help someone learn Swift in the first place, but UIKit is of course great to know. That being said, its becoming more and more viable to build in exclusively SwiftUI. Im currently working on my first SwiftUI-only app and its going great!

Are they going into business themselves? Time management w/ SwiftUI is hard when you have inflexible demands. On the flip side, its likely to break annually and be a continued source of revenue.

I guess it depends on their goal. If they want a job soon, its probably UIKit first.

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