what do ppl use to make fake social media

October 8, 2021, 5:00 pm
what do ppl use to make fake social media
what do ppl use to make fake social media posts on ios.... ive never made a socmed au but one is,,, on my brain.

has done one of the best social media AUs I`ve seen, I think they have some apps they like?

Yeah, I believe so. I personally like using my computer because I type faster and I can use my mouse, but I also have no android products lol. It can be time consuming but its fun!

I use several apps. I downloaded this software that lets me download android apps on my MacBook. Its called Bluestacks. For iPhone texts I use MeMiMessage, for Twitter I use TweeCreator, Faked is also really good for SM posts but limited. Funsta is good for IG too. i use social dummy and social maker. social dummy is better for tweets/text messages, but social maker has a lot of different options

Omg there are actual apps for it?? I always thought it was just photoshop!

oh yeah i just checked their twitter idk what people use now, that was honestly the best one out there

i use social dummy but its very limited, it looks like the old twitter so theres no quoting options and images are always cropped

idk if people still use it but when i was trying my hand at one, i used social dummy

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