What are the least useful (or deceitful) music services

June 11, 2021, 3:32 pm
What are the least useful (or deceitful) music services
What are the least useful (or deceitful) music services / composing tools / practice apps you`ve come across?

Also music marketing emails from labels claiming to let you keep 100% of your royalties. Very sus and probably just pays some bots to play your music.

Probably SimplyPiano and all of those apps who advertise themselves on YouTube. They say theyre free but only like two songs are. The app is also shit and it doesnt give the results it advertises. Oh and Sibelius.

You looking for another company to become head designer of? ;)

Any iOS app that claims to be a Sibelius/Musescore/Dorico replacement. They are all an utter shambles, and never have feature parity (or if they do, you have to shell out $$$ to get it).

Finale. Someone should make a video about it.

*obligatory comment referring to sibelius here*

Yousician. I had it for like a week when I was 11 and all the charts were terrible and the ui sucked and I learned absolutely nothing lol

The finale "advanced" fast composition system. I`ve used finale for years and I`ve never bothered learning that dumb thing

The god forsaken Scale device from Ableton Live. All of the other Ableton devices are pretty self-explanatory but to this day I still haven`t a clue how tf this is supposed to work distrokid subscription model for releases are the worst model

sucks so badly that i just gave up using it and just used paper and pen when i didn`t have access to a computer

Those chords and melodies midi packs with the guy in the ads telling you: check this out I made this song in 2 minutes Why I would want to make a song in 2 minutes? What happened to learning your craft in order to do something? Sorry for the rant hahaha

Might not fit the bill but Waves are p. shady when it comes to the licensing, they`re always offering a sale but if you buy you gotta grab their DRM `Central` app with no control over how it installs and you only get one license so no work & home or laptop & desktop license

Anything that claims to work on Android because the coding is designed against music apps

70% of all the online services that "teach" you how to play an instrument. I learned much more from just playing around myself and looking through beginner tips on youtube and better, ask people who are experienced with that instrument. Pre-made courses never helped me.

Any given site for guitar tabs or chords that isn`t Chordify is probably the worst.

Every notation app currently on offer. Designing one for mobile is obviously an uphill battle but to have terrible UI as well as a bunch of pay-walled content is criminal.

Niche option, but probably UTAU. It`s a virtual singer program like Vocaloid, and while even Vocaloid`s UI leaves a bit to be desired imo, the UTAU experience is just... P a i n.

iGigBookMobile i was being stupid and i didnt read enough so i spent money on this app that doesnt actually have any sheet music in it, its just an index for pdfs you already own. i would like to say its deceitful for not writing it in all caps at the top of the description but

Here`s one that fits all of the above but, at the same time, was very useful for its meme potential, the role it had in early viral music videos, and some sound engineering stuff under the hood: Microsoft Songsmith. A classic.

An AI composing app that actually creates completely generic/boring/pasteurized tunes

Hate to say it but Audacity is what happens if engineers build software. It`s free but has multiple levels of frustration built into it. If I had time... I`m also Kontakt really really needs a rethink. "Why is it not making a sound? Ah right I need to set up a midi channel"

Rhythm training apps. I used to think that rhythm is just about tapping your finger to the metronome and you`ll get better accuracy. None of the apps ever told me that having good rhythm is so much more complex than that.

Instagram music promotion accounts, that provide zero value and ask for money to repost your work

any free/lightweight version of a premium app that doesn`t let you save your work

Any VSTi that promises tonal freedom but then consists of fixed rhythmic loops that you can pitch-shift at best - trash.

The Least Useful Software somewhat related to Music: A pile of garbage called Audacity. If you just want a multitrack recorder, it`s fine. But only as a one-way street: Only record, only Playback. No record keys over prerecorded drums. Edit/Mix/Master: Studio One 5 Pro

literally any music making app on the play store. they all claim to be free but after 5 minutes hit you with the 25/week pro subscription that you need to actually use the app

the ones that sell you chord packs which are just midi files of like triads

Any mobile phone composing apps. I need someone professional to tackle that one.

i love how whenever you google "<songname> chords" one of the highest results will be one of those websites that attempts to listen to the song and work out the chords and is routinely completely wrong

Like 99.9% of sites that come up when you search for tabs? Any tuning app which has a subscription model. Guitar Tuner Pro, I am looking in your direction.

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