what are some good ipad games for a 5-8

July 21, 2021, 5:24 pm
what are some good ipad games for a 5-8
what are some good ipad games for a 5-8 years old? racing, adventure, creativity, anything. just no ingame ads

Need for speed most wanted was fun

Gl with bow ads . Fruit ninja is a great kid game

I really love Triple Town. There are no ads, but its a free unless you buy it once type deal but worth the investment. Its just matching but its cute and fun. Oh theres a pretty good game in the app store, I dont know if youve heard of it, its called RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS! gotta start young

go put him outside so he/she doesnt turn out to be a minecraft stan like all other teenagers

Obbys from fat paps and packstabber

give him wild rift, you will create a new faker

omg carlos dont tell me your son is an ipad kid

Bad Piggies (from Rio, the devs of Angry Birds)

supercell games maybe, like clash of clans

Cut The Rope Subway Surfer

that would sound like minecraft HD

just let her run g2 from her ipad. thats the best ipad game.

Cut the rope is a classic, dont know if it has ads in game or not.

Minecraft? Mario Kart, Clash of Clans

Kind of online the sims for kids. No typed chat, just emojis and premade sentences. House building, puzzles, pet adoption, tons of wear customization. Just buy him Minecraft for the iPadthat game was my child hood as sad as it might sound. Have never played that game on a mobile phone or iPad but it should be pretty much the samewhen are you going to allow him playing wild rift or league of legends?

Yo my son loves TinyTap. Educational and fun for him.

PK XD is so good. My godson 4 y.o call me everyday to play, it has a lot of protection features for kids. Roblox is also good but you have to keep an eye in what games the kid is playing in the platform.

Show them some miniclip classics

ah wait no tablet version still ...

Subway surfers has always been a go to

Give him final fantasy 6

also roblox and mcpe are timeless classics, the kids can even play together if they wish. keep in mind that minecraft isnt free though!

Would recommend the Kingdom Rush series, really fun strategy games

"good pizza, great pizza" i think. you can watch ads to speed things up temporarily, but the game doesnt *force* you to watch ads. its a purble place-like pizza making game so its as harmless as a mobile game gets for a kid.

Just turn off the internet man!

Apple arcade stuff will do No ads or in-game purchases

If It`s an Android the best solution is to install emulators, I don`t know if it works for iOS. Sadly every app has ads now days, especially the ones targeting children. And in the end of the Day Super Mario World etc. Are far more superior than any mobile game.

Pepi Wonder World is good for your child/curiosity if you don`t mind paying a few bucks. It`s like a big doll house.

The only way to get ads free games is an emulator. A GBA, NDS emulator and you have 1000 games with no ads and actually entertaining without asking you to buy gems all the time.

Now with music Vector. But make sure he doesnt smash his ipad out of frustration

No explanation needed I don`t think a mobile game exists without in-game ads, Hill Climb Racers and Jetpack Joyride are two classics that are pretty minimal with advertising.

League of legends and Csgo. Trust me

80 Days, based on the famous Jules Verne story!

magic: the gathering arena :D

Mario Kart Tour, Leps Worlds are infinitely playable. Also TFT as im pretty sure it can be played in spanish so no language barrier there. Block Craft and Minecraft also good.

Subway surfer ,used to play it lots when i was younger

Check out A game I worked on - Its free and ADs are optional. Would be amazing if someone from the G2 family got the chance the play my game

Beach Buggy Racing Monument Valley

On a more serious answer, probably the best thing is to Google it and check the reviews for the ones that are recommended

Wild Rift. It`s the first step towards getting him on your league roster!

Wildrift Definitely good for his mental healfh

King tongue? May have ads but disable the wifi should remove them

Amigo Pancho, my cousins played that game all the time.

Monument valley, all the old sonic ports and sonic mania

All mobile games is kinda bad it is a lost market but u would say get him Subway surfers

Consider not handing a 5-8 year old a tablet.

Stardew valley, the game are gonna give him a lot of hours of variety content.

Apple Arcade haas good Games, Altos Adventure/Oddysey in example

My 5yo plays Zooba - Brawlstars - Clashroyale - Roblox - AngryBirds unfortunately no FN anymore but he is the goat on his switch and has more victories than me and his older brother lol

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