What are people`s favourite boardgames for when you want

July 16, 2021, 2:42 am
What are people`s favourite boardgames for when you want
What are people`s favourite boardgames for when you want a tabletop fix that isn`t an RPG?

Betrayal at House on the Hill is super fun and scratches the Exploration Pillar itch. I also really like Hive when I can find someone to play with.

Last Night on Earth has been my go to for years. Zombie fighting fun thats quick to learn. We just picked up Horrified too, and its a fun Arkham Horror lite.

Arkham Horror the Card Game

I prefer Blood on the Clocktower over the various Werewolf social games because it allows dead players to have more agency in the game.

Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon, Kingdom Death Monster, and Gloomhaven are my top 3. I have also become such a fan of Blood on the Clocktower that we have started playing monthly non-streamed games with our Discord.

Dead of Winter is probably my favourite boardgame! It`s a co-op (mostly) zombie survival game. Super cool, lots of replayability

At the moment, RoboRally! (I`ve got the 2e basic and the Armed and Dangerous expansion - SO much fun.)

Kingdom Death: Monster

For my group it`s high stakes chutes and ladders Or a rousing game of Furry Pinata. They love the second one dearly, I hate it because they always make me be Furry Pinata. I tend to make them also play military miniatures battles which I love but RPG gamers do not.

Sails of Glory. I need to get it out and play with again.

Its a terrific series but has gathered dust that last year plus. Not in the mood to fight any viruses I guess

Betrayal , Pandemic (although havent been in the mood for that lately ), Forbidden Island, love letter, Smallworld, Dead of Winter. I guess its RPG Inspired but I do love Lords of Waterdeep

We recently started the Exit The Game series of escape games and have had fun with them

much as I`m loathed to admit it, the D&D board games are pretty good.

Betrayal. Munchkin. Gut bustin games. And the Shadowrun board game is fun.

Kinda loving the one shot escape room games, but I loved old games like Stratigo, or card games like Super Fight

Im a big fan of root. I love it so much. Great asymmetrical gameplay and charming art. Probably favorite board game.

perfect length for a couple games before bed, or filling an afternoon before dinner

Wrath of Ashardalon.

Honestly the minis and art are all just One Night Ultimate Werewolf saw my younger sister yelling "You`re the werewolf you furry fuck!" at *our father* in another game, I lied about which role I had only to find out my mom actually had the role. *I managed to convince her she was wrong* but my sister figured it out.

Scythe! I`m biased because I really like the era and giant mechs. But I can play Scythe on an indefinite loop.

Arkham Horror honestly. Tons of fun.

Its under a new name now, I think, for retail. Id recommend it as a great kids/nostalgia trip for Crossbows & Catspults, but Ive been extremely disappointed with the customer service following a botched KS delivery. Months later, still not completely resolved. My friends and I play Coup, Ticket to Ride, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf almost FAR too much. They`re so fucking fun.

Dominion, Ascension, Advanced Squad Leader, Battletech, Elder Sign, Forbidden Desert, Guillotine... Probably some others...

Lately weve been playing SW: Rebelkion, X-Wing, Imperial Assault, Gloooomhaven, and Catapult Kingdoms. Memoir 44 is a favorite of mine.

Betrayal at House on the Hill is pretty good. you can lean into roleplaying your characters if you want, and has the same `no two games the same` feel as TTRPGs

This question is evil Betrayal at House on the Hill is always a good time!

Flash Point is a pretty fun game.

It`s about 16 years worth of collection now. Sad thing is, it`s turned from a playing collection to almost a library collection at the mo. I generally pick up secons hand or trade now, can`t remember the last game I bought brand new!

I used to play a lot of boardgames until our second daughter was born! Now we`re slowly getting back into it again but a lot of these have sat waiting for the day when I pick them up and play them again! Flash Point: Fire Rescue, excellent coop game. Very accessible to both gamers, normal people and children. Formula D, oh how dull a racing game... oh my no no! Yes it`s racing but done again in an accessible way for normal people but like FP has graduated challenge.

I love Too Many Bones.

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