Samsung fanboys are the WORST https://t

June 27, 2021, 11:02 am
Samsung fanboys are the WORST https://t
Samsung fanboys are the WORST

nah tesla fanboys are worse. EVs aren`t ready yet, especially not here in Sweden and they will likely get a backlash soon here

Imagine being a fanboy for something that will be obsolete in 20 years

wow, here in Lappland BEVs won`t work though I mean I didn`t have mains electricity here up until recently and then everything is always a few Scandinavian miles apart so range anxiety is a real issue, add to the fact that batteries are destroyed in the -20 the car has to survive

Thats why you come to twitter they may tweet such things but there are more people against them

Samsung vs IPhone its an interesting fanboys war

i mean yes, even samsung is toxic with theirs comparing shits

A great feature Everyone is bad. Nuff said.

See, if I was to argue this, I would have at least made a better point than " I THinK tHe CaMerA`s bEtTer.". Yes stormefreund3. We can get along lol.

All fanboys are worst imo.

funny If you cant spell iPhone correctly, your opinion on it shouldnt be valid

They really trying to argue durability? I dropped my note 9 from 3 feet and it cracked the entire screen.

Honestly, I gott agree but all fanboys are bad.

TikTok users that can`t even spell iPhone correctly are

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