Went on sale TestHat Price: R$1 https://t

July 21, 2021, 10:49 pm
Went on sale TestHat Price: R$1 https://t
Went on sale TestHat Price: R$1

It worked for me and I`m on Android

i got this on pc bro sooooo ez

I want but i have android no ios

I assume you release it later, for the other platforms

didnt know roblox had IOs exclusive items?


Should I buy this for 1 robux bc thats all I got :(

i bought it, will it disappear from my inventory or something?

Obviously imma buy it.

Wait, so this thing is now ios exclusive? Hmmm

How to get the item (IOS Only) : 1. Go on roblox mobile app 2. search up Roblox in the search bar 3. press people named roblox 4. go to Robloxs profile 5. scroll down to see the test hat in the collection 6. tap the test hat buy it!

can someone buy this for me pls who has iso

Its IOS exclusive.. Im on iOS

i love how threatening roblox is in the description like how not getting a singular Robuck back is gonna make you go absolutely feral

Things that I never saw: - PC Website only item - Microsoft Store only - IOS only

sadly i cant get it cause ios exclusive

Again? I just got one

I bought it from android

I already copped this before they put it offsale rofl

its the same hat, but Ios exclusive now, i bought it anyway

i already got this, bro i thought

the fact is says ios exclusive item yet I have it on android LOL

gonna make an outfit with this

Its keeps going on and off and onn and off

can somone buy this for me lol who has ios

Why i cant even buy it

Ooh its the first ios exclusive

I HaVe a RaRe iTeM gUiZ

No stop I already bought it

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