Well the new iPhone looks boring AF I was

September 15, 2021, 11:02 am
Well the new iPhone looks boring AF I was
Well the new iPhone looks boring AF

I was meaning we`ve had high refresh rate in Samsung Phones rather than the screens they make for people, example my phone has the 120hz screen and I`ve had it a while now and it slows as battery gets lower.

The 120Hz will be nice when playing games, to be fair tho I have never noticed any real lag when moving around on the screen but with the 120Hz I will be like butter.

They also use LG and Japan Display inc. Samsung could not keep up with the demand form Apple with iPhone orders. 13 is just a refresh, in typical Apple fashion. Good if you are like me and missed two generations. If you have the 12 its a pointless jump.

Well its a phone not much ground breaking to be done atm apple is about firm usability and versatility. Theres not much left to innovate around that

A screen tech Samsung have had for some time ;) but hey let`s give it an apple buzzword and call it new not catching up to the competition hehe

Still hoping for round Watches one day!

You expected more? Its apple when sheeples happily spent 1k every September on something hardly different why change your business model?

Well notch is due to go in iPhone 14. So guess the under display cameras will be part of that. But its always going to be a rectangular piece of glass. Maybe a fold some day if they ever perfect it.

My question is : what else can they do?

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