Well friends I think I`ll stop playing for a

July 1, 2022, 11:24 pm
Well friends I think I`ll stop playing for a
Well friends I think Ill stop playing for a while too this is my main account, I think I got this because I had my main logged in on my phone and on a jailbroken one at the same time. All other accounts ok so use only one device!

Dang oki was afraid of that. I wish you could downgrade the version on iOS like you can on Android

Hey man you said you had to be on a certain iOS to JB but what if youre alive it does that mean I have to wait till they get to the version Im on to JB ?

rooting != Jailbreak

U should avoid iOS spoofing App for good

What is jail broken please provide me with some reason the meaning

Damm they done got my boy

Im not logging in until Sunday when its my time in Berlin. I guess Ill find out then if my account is safe or not

Im still safe at the moment.. But I dont play like I used to.. Sorry you got this 7 day..

What spoofing app do you use?

Oh shoot so sorry to hear this. Was this your first ever strike? Or you have had strikes before?

Not even legit l?? You think they really finna make an issue for playin legit and doin remote raid passes?

Sorry to see you got this bruh bruh.

You think its safe to still play in a RW account as long as its legit or do you think since its flagged it should be left alone until the 7 days

What about if you are using sideloadly to install ipogo? Is it ok? Coz appdb is not updating at all lately. Last update was june 11

frick I accidentally logged into main on my spoofer for like 5 seconds one time I don`t think I`ll get a rw tho

u got rw cause you logged into ipogo with main

I have my main acc (legit play) and my spoof app and acc on the same phone. no RW on main or other acc I only shundo hunt on

Ohhh sorry for you :`(

I`m on lev 48 really close to 49 at least I got 90 ml exp enough for 50 but is going to cost me more time now

At least is just 7 days. If is your main with so many lv 1 that you love is not worth it on risking your main. Right now I`m playing on my 6 alts and no banned yet but my main still got 4 days left

This is getting ridiculous.

me to
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