Wearing a Patek, Rollie, AP in the gym is

December 27, 2021, 7:37 am
Wearing a Patek, Rollie, AP in the gym is
Wearing a Patek, Rollie, AP in the gym is beta behaviour. Just slap on a base model Apple Watch & hit a real workout. Gym is for working on mind, body & soul. Not to impress guys or pick up chicks.

Direct that anger towards grunters, people who wear provocative clothing to gyms (now THAT is done to impress and pick up) a watch is just a watch. Many people prefer classic watches to Apple or other smartwatches. I several classic watches and don`t want a smartwatch.

Same energy as a girl wearing makeup to the gym

I too care what other men wear lmfao

When Im training I dont even NOTICE if other people are wearing a watch, bit busy for that!

Flaunting wealth is beta. Wearing things that others flaunt as wealth though you`re just wearing it is alpha. It`s all intention. You`re mad someone wore a watch while working out.. which isn`t quite alpha......

paying attention to what other men wear is sus

so true my guy I see this all the time when Im lifting immense weights in my $10 casio digital watch

I wear my Rolex everyday because its a tool, everyone I know who owns one says the same I dont know a soul who puts their Rolex on for somebody else lol But hey, you can have a little gym outfit planned out

If you ever wear one of these to impress guys or pick up chicks you should sell it immediately. Nothing sadder than trying to impress other people with material goods

What kind of soy wears a watch to the gym

Thinking about another dudes watch is bega behavior. Get in, do work.

I wear a Rolex because it works in literally every situation. With a suit, at the beach, at the range, at the gym. Not about showing off. Maybe the problem is thinking people have nice things only to show off.

Worrying what another man wears to the gym is as beta as it gets

Flaunting your wealth in general, via jewellery, clothes, cars, etc is questionably beta, and definitely tacky imho

And please stop: Dousing yourself in cologne. Blasting your face with makeup.

Lowkey beta post right here lol

I personally, would take off the watch. Just makes sense.

Disagree in context. I wear my Rolex almost everyday. Its just my watch. Its usually under my hoodie sleeve anyway. Dont have time to switch to beta gym outfit and tech, or use dirty Locker. Im in and out in whatever Im wearing, which I choose to wear versatile fabrics.

Gym is beta. Go chop some wood, soyboy

Apple Watch is beta

"mills" in your profile is beta.

Apple Watch, so soulful

True. Not criticizing what others do is ultimate alpha behaviour. Throwing shade/putting others down even if they are morally&ethically wrong pulls us down to their level. And then a fight erupts. Real ones move in silence & theyre unheard/unseen by those who live wrongly. Bruh ur materialistic af dont try to judge other people when ur the same

Wearing a good watch should never be a show off behaviour - it is a unique blend between art with brilliant engineering, representing something bigger than us - time. And also funny that best watches are really low-key.

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