We`ve released a maintenance patch on PC and Android

December 7, 2021, 2:59 pm
We`ve released a maintenance patch on PC and Android
We`ve released a maintenance patch on PC and Android to address stability issues. Players will need to close their game to grab the update. We`ll provide an update when this is available on other platforms

ur saved

can i get my vbucks from the kurama glider?

Why does the performance mode looks so blurry everything? is there any way we can turn antialising off?

I think they buffed the striker shotgun I swear I played one game died after 4 kills to the mk but my shotgun hit 100 two times and 70 when I hit him in leg

Cool Ngl EVERYTHING IS FINE. But the shotguns oh boii buff them (damage and respons time) or add the old shotshot. Lever, pump, charge, dragon breath. Even the combat shotgun is perfect at this point

Revert aimassist

fix aim assist!

Patch the pumps better !! its no fun! the delay between shots is so bad

Does this fix DX12 crashes?

Bruh wym stability the game runs way worse now

More stable FPS hopefully.

thanks now when we get patch for the pumps and stuff? pump still useless since it shoots soooo slow.

Unlock 60fps option on more Android devices, please. I can run the game in the highest graphics, but can`t go higher than 30fps. :/

Nice. Also fix turbo build bug on Android pls pls

Just got the update and i can`t even get into the lobby

does it fix fps

Is this the new update patch you are talking about fux aimassist pleaseee

this game is actually good again

Please fix aim assist for controller players on PC

Does this fix how many spray weapons there are

Everything looks blurrly on perfomance mode i switch to DX12 dlss is off 3d resolution at 100% then i switch back to perfomance mode still looks blurry.

U said u were gonna add 45fps to mobile

fix shotguns pls

Enable Splitscreen

Thats okay but you still have to: - nerf SMG - nerf Red Dot - buff shotgun / add old pump back - add NORMAL AR (like c`mon guys it had been in the game for ages and now you removed it for no reason)

Please Bring back Splitscreen

Still cant load in a game

My game keeps saying the cloud has messed up and wipes all my settings every time I log in

So dead so dead game


Please buff shottys

Love the changes you made with aim assist, keeps all the shit players at bay

no dont fix aim assist the game is balenced

ye 22GB update my game will be very stable

Can u please fix this 3d resolution thing Im at 100% and it still doesnt look good

Haha I love how most people ask for aim assist, the word you are searching for is "skill" if you depend on a setting for being good, let me tell you "you are not"

24.4 GB update?

hopefully that fixes the screen shaking.

I was wondering why I was dropping frames and stuttering on a 3070

I hope you fix the shotguns next

What about split screen?

Don`t care + make this game mouse and keyboard only, it will remove 75% of cheaters please

thank you for fixing aim assist

Return fortnite split screen please!!

Can you guys fix that aim assist problem

I hope it does something because my game runs miserably bad

Yesss thank you! the game will run even better now

Keep aim assist nerfed one step closer to removing controller players from the game

Finally fixing the first loading screen crash so I can finally play Fortnite since the update ?

Pls fix aim assist

Why is everyone complaining about aim assist? Idk what happened to it but I`m fine, Im pretty sure I have aim assist on but If they changed it I haven`t noticed

Fix the replay bug please, my whole screen is blurry

Cool but we just want aim assist back

So thats why Ive been laggin

buff shotguns, fix aa, and nerf the mk-seven and stinger smg

Hey there fortnite I have a loading screen bug. If takes super long when I login and leave a game. I`m on ps4. My friends who play on the ps4 though, don`t have it it`s only me. Do you know what can I do to fix this. I`m trying to enjoy the new season .

Where my burker gang at? your pfp is not flipped

Please tell me SBMM is fixed now.

aim assist fix?

Yay thanks so much

we are unable to play on keyboard and mouse on fortnite on x box without switching our controller off

Wondering what the serious lag was about this morning.

Thankyou fortnite, dont listen to everyone else who are JUST BAD AT THE GAME, what youre doing is fine

Is this gonna fix the blur

If its a download update i swear to god--

Tf is everyone complaining about aim assist for

Is Ray tracing and DLSS randomly braking and dropping the game to 5 fps for anyone else

How about u buff ur shotguns

Nerf aim assist nerf red dot scope ar nerf sidearm pistol ner stinger smg

Bring back the pumps pls

Stability issiues on android u serious? My game runs more clean than 2 chapters before lmao

stability issues? what does that mean

pls make it so every fast gun in the game cant shoot me through walls pls and buff shot guns and nerf red dot ok bye


fix aim assist or ill get on you

If this didnt fix aim assist im literally switching to kbm on a mouse that disconnects every 3 seconds

hold update gentle like hamburger

fix aim asisst plz

buff shotguns and revert aa change

in the next update could you add more and better ways to earn xp? because its hard in comparison of other seasons (principally the season 18)

I was just about to play NOOO

When will the splitscreen come back?

Fix tbe glitch where catty corner jsnt on the New Map

Fix aim assist!!!!

Does this fix the instability in by eyes when I see a guy run through 3 builds into my mouth with an SMG?

Can you please fix the bug where the POI names disappear from the map? Its been in the game for like a year now and its really annoying not being able to see the names, especially on a new map where you cant see the names of new places

Why is shooting and building so delayed

Want the game back on Apple. Want to update it

And splitscreen?


please fix aim assist and the inability to build near the big trees

please fix aim assist

Thank god!!!! Please be to fix frames

buff shotguns PLS I BEG YOU

I dont like pump

Dead game in my books! Make a better game or get blocked!

ratio to nerf spray guns


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