We`ve heard you Operators, and we know you`re eager

April 26, 2022, 2:56 pm
We`ve heard you Operators, and we know you`re eager
We`ve heard you Operators, and we know you`re eager to know more about R6Ms Closed Alpha! Watch this first Dev Diary where we explain all the important details of our upcoming Closed Alpha, including DATES & TERRITORIES.

One for India too pls

Thanks for the reply so excited btw!

Why not put the alpha in France when Ubisoft is a French studio? We never have the test phases in Europe on the games while we are the leader with America

Oh well gonna wait for another year just to experience r6m in my region

they always leave Ecuador out of alphas or betas

Oh sorry my bad We are so ready for this and I promise you we will be right their behind you supporting! Hehehe now I cant wait to host events for this hehehe

Will ppl still get the invitation even if it`s not available in their region?

The passion you guys have isn`t something I`ve ever seen in mobile gaming. Please keep this up

Sad from Italy Singapore when?

Unfortunate that only android can participate lol

If they launched first alpha in India like apex legends mobile now it will not grow in India

Another game with vpn again, when does this pain end

let`s gooooooo I know I won`t get inviting But still let`s goooooo!!!!!!! I have a question to you guys,why you guys haven`t followed UBISOFTIndia? I mean it is a part of UBISOFT and you followed all the other accounts

And here we go ladies and gents Brazil out again, miss you Area F2

excited for tester with 300+ ping

Dev`s looks cute Ah beans. Being iOS has once again forced me to wait multiple months for anything:/ Really happy to hear its NA though, and Im really hoping whenever you finally open up to iOS that NA will still be included.

Why is everything android only?


Android only? Really

Who cares about bot matches, who cares about bugs. All I want to do is to help you guys develop the best mobile game ever made. I think a lot of people agree, that being able to help this game in the closed alpha is one of the coolest things you will ever have do in life.

Why tf u won`t release the alpa for Asia and Europe ughhh

Excited but sad I dont have an android

How many likes for a follow

It genuinely seems like you guys are having a great time making this game. Love to see all this passion

Pls put vigil in the game with the BOSG ACOG

LET`S GOOO close alpha!

Let`s hope i get selected

Unfortunately it will only be for Android

let me buy you and leak the release dates

Quick question during this alpha how many operators are going to be in this?

dokkaebi on mobile pls love this game tho cant wait for the mobile release!!

I waited for this diary for way too long

Will the people from Europe be able to play with VPN? Excited

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