We`ve been refreshing at 120Hz for a while now

September 14, 2021, 6:13 pm
We`ve been refreshing at 120Hz for a while now
Weve been refreshing at 120Hz for a while now...

The Fold 3 hardware is great, but the software is another story. That $1800 phone doesnt support visual voicemail and the last security patch was July 1.

Where`s the charger? Yup. And been lagging while doing it haha

And they are using your pannel

Fix your one ui first.. and make nav bar transparent ... You can do an attempt

You also clowned Apple for removing the headphone jack on their phone. The next year, you proceed to remove headphone jack on your phones

Yes. I am using a phone with 120Hz display made by You guys have and battery life has sucked since youve done so

Didnt yall tweet about including a charger as well

Well, then I guess you`ll start to get worried.

fix your one ui 4 animations

1 min silence for apple

Unbecoming Samsung

Yes, but it`s shiny, I like the Samsung Galaxy we have 3 of them. Great cameras too.

you see this?!

Cool. Stop making fun of Apple because you seem to follow right in their footsteps with horrendous decisions like not including chargers with phones or headphones. GREED

Bring back the ingenious ads

Y cant the people on social media understand its good old jokes between Samsung n Apple especially when stuff like this is posted


Yes, but animation speed isn`t not everything is perfect yet. ^DD

Youve been doing smart watches for a while too

The only difference is you guys called it Motion smoothness, they use a more fancier name "Pro motion"

Still the best display hands down. No wonder Apple buys your display for their phones

Own those freaks

sadly no one asked

Glad youre watching with us

Yes with a miserable Screen on time of 3 Hours

This side Jackie software updates Remember your ads about the headphone jack

I need a Galaxy z Fold

Someones maaaad

you guys made fun of for not including a charger, look who followed, TrollsBeJealous

iPhone started the game So samsung watching the apple event?

True!!! But you missed to name it

your phones are terrible though

Samsung is sooo petty

But drain battery No Samsung Galaxy Note 21,bye Samsung WELCOME iPhone 13 Pro Max

We Ready... I see what u did there

bro chill.. sit down..

Rent free in your heads

They copied the macro from altra wide from S21 Ultra lmaaaaaaaaaoooooo

youve also been deactivating cameras

Remember when y`all made fun of apple for not including a charger

My customers complain about their 120hz Samsung displays flashing green

I`d like to report a murder....

Join now guys AppleEvent

lmaooo Well played samsung Well played

Jesus Samsung chill

They live in your head rent free

Thats cool. Now update software quicker lol!

as y`all should

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