We saved the best for last

December 28, 2021, 5:29 pm
We saved the best for last
We saved the best for last. Check out the Season of Xbox Sale:

Thank you for allowing us to know that fortnite sucks so bad at being a free game that they need a boost in players cause it`s a dead mobile game

Put Blue Dragon on sale, you cowards!

Wow, how generous to give away a free game front and center.

So free games are freer now?

Xbox trippin fortnite is free so how can they put it on sale?

Stop trying to sell unfinished games halo has no co op or forge and Pve for fortnite was supposed to be free like 2 years ago

To all those who say PS is better, I just want to ask you guys/gals... Why are you commenting on Xbox`s posts cause nobody was asking for your opinion or asking if PS is better. Please exclude yourself from a comment section if it`s gonna include criticism

Yeah man, I always wanted free games on sale

Nice, I was just about to grab Jurassic Worlds 2, perfectly timed sale lol

You just have to smile at all the pony posts. Stop defending a side. Buy a gamepass subscription and have the best of both gaming worlds!

wait so r vbucks on sale or something because u cant have a sale on a game that`s already free

Glad to see Fortnite is finally on sale

I love how a majority of the games are free lol

Playstation saves the best for last way better

I Will finally buy Jurassic world 2. Oh wait... Here comes all the PlayStation weirdos living rent free in Xbox`s heas

Waiting for Game Pass in Jan

Serbia coming to cloud gong available region I heard?

All these games are better on PlayStation

Make better games halo is not enough

is dope af always !!

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