We`re thrilled and incredibly honored to announce that Wild

June 11, 2021, 2:28 am
We`re thrilled and incredibly honored to announce that Wild
Were thrilled and incredibly honored to announce that Wild Rift has been selected as a 2021 Apple Design Award winner! WWDC21 Find us on the here:


Game full of Vietnamese and I can`t understand them and they don`t know objectives. They should just make a version of the game. Vietnamese ruins every game and steals role of other players.


Props to the entire team is a game-changer on iOS. See you on the Rift!

Ohhh congratulations! When can we play Senna

You guys deserve it! One of the best mobile games I`ve played in a while.

Tf I hear Alan`s voice.. btw congrats wild rift team, devs, and players we all won here more power to wild rift!!

Fixed Ranked

Just wondering any sign on when we can get a champion ban phase? I would like to ban champs I rather not go against like in PC. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Connection looking like trash though ngl random ms spikes lately after the update.

Ok, but what about INDIA release?

Free Legendary Skins as a celebration?

You deserve it

Thats awesome and congrats! Its a phenomenal game of League on the go, excellent work

Let`s go congratz and now get destroyed MLBB lmao also ayyy I don`t mind some free solid rewards

Congrats! LOL Wild Rift player here from the Philippines.

don`t be shy and celebrate it with syndra & karma`s release on wildrift

When is wild rift coming to console?

Congratulations Its well deserved

Congratulations, now release ahri legendary as celebration Feed us I did my part

Free skins for us

U deserve it congratulation

No news, game took time and love to be made as is really good, deserved.

Yaaaaas congrat u deserve it



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