We`re investigating issues with logins and other services

June 11, 2021, 7:05 am
We`re investigating issues with logins and other services
We`re investigating issues with logins and other services. We`ll provide an update when these are resolved.

Nerf the damn aim assist!!!!!

Could you improve Rick Sanchezs` model it doesn`t look right and acts weird and buggy

It still dont work

Give Xbox an exclusive skin like play station gets and give us some v bucks as most of us are still getting dashboarded home screened cant even play fix the game it was working for me its not again now

Still not fully resolved


Get rid of ufos they are the worst

I have soo many problems login in the account ...

Potty they don`t fix the issue with pc players in pubs for casual players, no one likes a sweaty cockhead on a pc

My epic account is Mati-Gamer457 if you are going to give me the season 7 umbrella

can you resolve my problem please? I won a game but a bug put all my set in default and the game didn`t count my victory and don`t gave me the umbrella and the achievement of winning in solos

Can you please fix the loggin problem before worrying about anything else? Like why worry about in game stuff when the pregame stuff is broken?

It still won`t work

Well it ain`t fixed on xbox cause my game is freezing infinite loading and crashing. Can I not play the new season and have fun

No they havent

Ok but I`m not getting any artifacts when I open the cosmic chests

Y`all lie you need to fix your game and extend the battle pass

I still cant login first time this has happened ever since I started playing four damn years

It`s not working still please fix it it`s annoying please

Its not fixed Im keep getting the connecting screen and I cant play I must`ve been lucky, O didn`t get many problems

Evertime i login for Xbox its loading the takes me back to the dashboard

No they havent

Please fix the xbox one crashing it`s been so sad not being able to play fortnite everytime i load up it crashes Please Fix ASAP!

Theres still problems with the game?

Still dont work


I thought I was the only one having trouble getting on fortnite with my Xbox I literally had to download Twitter for this crap

Thanks for understanding

Fix Xbox one crashing please we can`t play because it just says connecting and then ceashes

Not with xbox

Umm if their fixed. Why could i find out it isnt xboxes having the problem but profiles? Who can i not log into my main profile but come to learn on a new profile i can login and play perfectly? Like what`s up with certain profiles?? I`d like to continue the progress on my main

Mine still aint working Xbox one

It still freezez

Bro, these alien ships are overpowered as hell.

My game is still stuck on the loading screen been waiting patientlyalrefy for so long

Do something about your matchmaking. Ridiculously hard for the average joe player. SO MUCH FUN getting sweated on! No really, do something.....

Hey epic FIX THE DAMN GAME it really is getting a lot of people mad


I still cant login fortnite and keeps freezing my game on the loading screen and kicking me out of fortnite

No, you left the terrible Team Rumble changes, clearly there are a few issues lingering. We appreciate the effort though. RevertTeamRumble

Im still having trouble with getting in. I got in once and now I cant back in.

Investigate the issue with these bullsh*t UFOs and weapons that kill with one shot. ZERO challenge. Its really annoying.

Sadly thats a lie cause i still can`t login. Thx

fix ur game My fortnite still don`t wanna start

Still not fixed on Xbox like WTF Can you add creative playground islands back

please fix ur game on xbox its not letting us xbox people play it keeps freezing

why is my gifting disabled on my android device? since the update

Fortnite: adds a new cool gun Me: this is my new favorite gun! Fortnite: NeRfInG tImE! Me: this gun sucks now

I still cant login into the game epic please fix this it is so annoying i havent olayed one game of the damn season like please fix it

Cap I`m CONSTANTLY freezing in the loading screen.... I can never play with my friends Bc I can barely log in

Thank you

Not on. Nintendo

When ever I try to go into save the world OR battle royale it crashes i use to at lest HAVE A CHANCE to get in now I CANT AT ALL

I have been having so many graphic issues with my skins & cosmetics since this season started. Details on their outfits or pickaxes will be pixelated or blurry in the lobby, locker, battle pass & item shop areas extremely bad. Is there a fix for this please?

I dont want to sound mean but I still cant log in on Xbox

Is it really fixed? Because I still cant get on My login is still messing up

At least say something that it doesnt help Xbox players Ill be fine with this if you did but you guys didnt and its not okay cause you got all of our hopes up and we tried to log in and it didnt work please epic give us something as compensation this isnt okay

Didnt fix anything atleast on xbox still keeps freezing

Im still having problems on the series x

They just need to send a new maintenance update

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