We`re in the month of June, half of 2021

June 11, 2021, 12:51 pm
We`re in the month of June, half of 2021
We`re in the month of June, half of 2021 has past. We`ve launched 3 smartphones this year so far. POCO F3 POCO X3 Pro POCO M3 Pro 5G In the second half of 2021, what would you like to see next? Curious. POCO

X4 Amoled Panel or in M series? hmmm

A phone which is more experimental, like with UPC cam and headphone jack :)

Stock android and Better software experience. Overall experience does matters.

fix lags and minor UI lags in Pocox3pro and video recording quality was very bad.Plz improve back camera video recording quality.

Fix the ui thats all and its all good

My pocophone f1 is still rocking and i think i can still wait for poco f5 HAHAHA

We would like to see updates for existing poco phones

Poco x3 pro with amoled and 7000mah or 6000mah battery.

I want to see POCO UI in the very near future. It should be full of features like miui and give a very smooth and premium experience like Oxygen os.

Budget friendly Tablet for student`$

But F2 and F3 are not released in India

Keep the head phone jacks!!

An update for my poco F1

I would like to see you fix this rather simple bug in both POCO X3 and X3 Pro: a 12.9 inch tablet better than ipad

Lol the all three model have bug issue ..first work on your incomplete projects then think of new launches..

I don`t want to buy of any Xiaomi. POCO and MI series smartphones

how bout a Poco F3 Pro???

Please follow us Poco headphones Power bank Poco x3gt and x3pro gt Atlast poco f2 that never comes

We cant find M3 Pro anywhere

I want to see a poco f3 pro

Or maybe release new series POCO P Series? First POCO phone that would all focusing on Camera Performance

Why did you collapse F2

Hello everyone, In this Video I have given you all the information related to ONEPLUS NORD CE 5G before its Launch & Also Stated that it is Worth Purchasing or Not?? I hope you Will definately Love this Video... OP NORD CE 5G Challanger? Well, M & F series has released 5G.... So maybe X series 5G this time? Not strong as X3 Pro, but X4 still good performance

Poco F3 GT/ Bruce Lee Gaming Edition

a fix to solve the Pocof3 proximity sensor problem

Redmi note 10 pro alike with dimen 820/900?

Poco x2 phones are dying. First camera and then whole phone. Fix this asap. Reply if you care I wanna see a FREAKING FIX FOR GREEN TINT on F3

We would like to see you resolve the issues like touch screen issues, widevine L1, proximity sensor sensitivity, etc. on devices that you already launched are having. SUPPORT EXISTING DEVICES PROPERLY!

And POCO first smartphone with snapdragon 888

We are eagerly waiting for poco f3 & poco f3 GT

Please consider improving the quality of global MIUI rom seriously. Currently using poco f2 pro. It is a solid device except that rom. Buggy as hell.

Poco x3 gt at aggressive pricing

In next month`s please improve your UI.

You are launching phone by phone it is not right First fixed all issues in miui ,you focus just on software ,here 90% users facing such issues that`s why they are shifting to another brands so kindly polish your miui skin and doing better experience for users

You must bring amoled Display POCOIndia

Purchased POCO F3 global version 2 weeks ago. Like the phone but not satisfied with updates. Still on MIUI 12.0.3 .Also security update on April, while my old device Samsung S9+ already get May security updates. Please be attention to regular updates for your devices I just have POCO M3 Black and it is truly adorable. Should I have new ones in the future? POCO

Poco f2 pro android 12 update? With miui 12.5? Android 11 has many bugs.

Android 11 update for my Poco X3 NFC

Poco with Snapdragon 888? Please?

I really love poco smartphone,and I also use,but MIUI os are different types of bugs are and bugs free os like or similar to stroke os in global and also india then lunch others device. Flagship killer with SD processor, good cameras without the ridiculous 2mp`s and 5mp`s good telephoto

Good actualizations...

Snapdragon 5g chipset 778g 64mp sony or 108 mp 120hz display good battery Glass back gg5 because plastic feels cheap and 12.5 miui

Bluetooth earphones & a Bluetooth speaker.

I want to buy poco f3 sir

A new phone .. that LOOKS like no other phones ...i am tired of new phones with better cam .. but looks like the one before ... 108 cams are good enough ..

Poco ui Stable updates

A regular updates on my Poco F3

A Update to fix Night Camera for POCO F3 please Its blurry as hell

A Poco phone without Poop Launcher broken animations, and L1 fix for old devices ...

First : optimize the ui with no bugs and lags Second : add ip rating 68 to F series 3rd : add wireless charge to F series

Good software! Less bugs 3 years Update confirmation. Everyone is providing good hardware so please work on the software to improve experience. Or just use stock android and let Google decide. How about a poco X4? I would like that

Maybe a flagship F-series phone?

F3 GT, enough for the next decade! Waiting for POCOF3GT

I would like to see POCOng next... Will that be available soon ?

Poco f3 gt please please..

GT series , POCO POP BUDS!


concentrate on others, not only on performance

Don`t tell me it`s..... LOL


fix the dead boot issue, that some customers are experiencing here in ph.

A POCO device with curved sAmoled display & 5G Just make a good and optimised software for these devices. Don`t flood the market with useless stuff

Focus on releasing 12.5 for existing POCO devices, camera bug fixing on POCO X2 and POCO UI.

Poco X4 and pls.dont plastic . May be metal

To India, a phone with NFC, ir, front flash, IPS screen, 64mp sony, 20mp front, Miui Dailler n messaging apps, Snapdragon 5g, 128gb, eis, killer price.

Better support for previously released devices. For example POCO X3.

In India poco f3 is not launched and I think x3 gt will launch in India in 2022

I still have my POCO F1 and POCO F2 Pro. I am holding off on buying a new one until you release POCO F3 pro or Ultra. Love you bro

clean and bug free os ... always

POCO C Series global launch , POCO TWS , POCO Power Bank, Poco smart watch

Small detail Can you make all phones have a plate built into them so they can be attached to a magnetic plate? I always have to stick one of these on and it`s a touch annoying I have the Poco F2 Pro and it`s brilliant! a pro variant for the POCO F3 or better yet a unified POCO UI that is applicable to all current and past POCO devices rather than having random firmwares for each device per region.

I hope it will be release on July :)))

Hi! Recently got the Poco M3 Pro 5G and it seems it does not support Dual Apps even if it runs on MIUI? also, 90Hz refresh rate makes the Poco M3 Pro laggy hope you can issue an update soon for the said issues

Hi! Recently got the Poco M3 Pro 5G and it seems it does not support Dual Apps even if it runs on MIUI? also, 90Hz refresh rate makes the Poco M3 Pro laggy hope you can issue an update soon for the said issues

Poco x3 pro. Very good phone

Sir when miui 12.5 update comes in Poco X3 NFC ?

X3 and f3 gt and poco pop buds

Next is Poco X3 Gt am I right?????,

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