We`re going to be doing a Q&A session for

June 19, 2022, 11:19 am
We`re going to be doing a Q&A session for
We`re going to be doing a Q&A session for next week`s podcast episode! Drop your questions for below and we`ll try to get all of them answered! NFTs playtoearn PlayToEarnGame gaming GamingNews

With games becoming more immersive and stimulating I think any gaming platform (same goes for other media) has the responsibility to give users the ability to self-regulate. This is not to improve revenue; it is to improve human well-being, which is much more important.

I get quickly addicted to progress and start gaming like crazy. Being able to put up barriers and limiting my gaming-time to 2 hours or to a schedule is a way to self-regulate in a healthy way. I really hope to see Ultra implementing this, because. ethics.

Does Ultra have thought regarding gaming addiction and improving user`s self-regulation options by allowing users to put self-limitations on game use? I have always missed this in Steam or other platforms.

What are some of the social aspects that are envisioned for Ultra? How important is the social aspect to Ultra`s vision as a whole?

Apart from cryptocurrencies would I be able to have a balance in fiat? Similar to a Steam Balance? I think it`s often overlooked that Ultra aims to merge the elements from both legacy and web3 rather than just be exclusively about crypto.

Love these! What has been the publisher/dev sentiment regarding reselling games? I`d imagine smaller games are more open than bigger AAA games. Not just on reselling, but transfers as well. I`d imagine there may be a flat rate like $10 to transfer to a friend.

I heard that p2eish projects don`t work.

What was the role of Ultra in creation of the exclusive AAA FPS? Was David involved with the games initial concept, or is it fully the vision of the game studio that`s building it? Thanks !

How is Ultra looking at community engagement: what software do you guys use and what is your main objective when it comes to community engagement? Would it be an idea to integrate more frequent community-polling into the channels? What do others think?

What is the future of the discord server: what functionalities and activities are being thought of to create a tighter community?

Guys, who are already into crypto market. Tips for beginner?

What`s new about the SDK ? :-) Any release date ? Any documentation to take a look ? ----- What about Dapps on Ultra Blockchain outside of Ultra Games ? Smart Contrats have to be built only with C++ ? Thanks

- Will the AAA games FPS/Sport use Ultra token or their own token, or a mix of both? - Will we be able to buy lands before the game is released? - Will Ultra OG community be able to get early access or any other benefits? The same way that other projects like did

Does the future Defi partner have Ultra technology in its protocol and not only integration with the platform? for example free transaction fees?

As gaming is mainly phone based at present and VR will be in the future. Anyone whos played VR will know the PC/console is dead not only for game play but cost. Oculus -$400 PlayStation -$1000 pc -$1500+ What is Ultras plans for mobile gaming and VR

when is that video coming out, which you can be part of if you own some of the uniqs from the ultraverse collection and can you go into details more of how that will work?

Do you plan to have an Ultra Dungeon, like Dungeon, in order to test smart contracts, detect security breach, etc ?

What is the biggest challenge for onboarding A+ game developers onto the network?

Rami , what is possibilities of success of ultra for you?

It sounds so much better with "Play and Ear" then "Play to Earn"..! The first concept sounds like valuable fun. While the second sounds like chores and grind.

Will it be possible, on the secondhand marketplace, to sell an account with high level characters such like Dofus ? What this marketplace can be able to do for gamers ? What are the real differences between a used game and a new game ?

Plz when will the secret sauce come into the process (in the weeks following the release of Ultra Games?)?

Any chance that a portion of secondary market fees will be distributed as staking rewards?

Any update on integrating Cudos miner? Would be cool to use during crypto winter

Will it be possible to right click on a game, and have directly the possibility to go to the specific marketplace of this game. It`s an image, but you know what i mean.

I`d love to hear more about adoption/distribution thoughts for the near future. Tech is one thing and adoption is something else and just a general chat about the upcoming obstacles for launching an ecosystem like Ultra without necessarily going into specific partnerships etc

I understand that Ultra want to make many things on the real long term. Even far from the video games univers. Does Ultra already know what this blockchain will be use for ? (Else then vidos games) have some projects ? Ideas ?

Makes sense. So if BP returns remain constant, the higher the UOS/USD price, the lower the inflation. Thanks

Gaming app: will it be released and after that we will have another release for the "games as NFTs" feature?

Financial question: is Ultra ready to face a worst case scenario 2+ year long bear market?

How the USD return is calculated for BPs ?

When is Wave 3 launching , and will we have a public Beta EOY ?

Yep! Thanks for clarifying Can you confirm the inflation numbers to be expected? I had 1% in mind but not sure where I got that from.

I am not sure if this has been answered before, but to my understanding for a game to utilize NFTs on Ultra, the game do not have to be build with this in mind. Example: Could old classics like the old Assasins Creeds games be run through your SDK, and implememt NFTs?

Many companies are laying of employees in these bearish times is this the case for ultra ?

1- You said we will see Ultra in the physical world, like in the street... Is it going to be this year ? 2- are you going to take some holidays ? You need some rest for what is coming 3 - will you come in Paris ? And by you, i mean ceo`s and you

Can you explain why there is no max supply ?

When will the marketplace get released because you mentioned delays but idk if it is meant for ultra games or marketplace also

GTA VI will be premiered on ?

There is any consequence for Ultra about the partnership if Ubisoft will be buy by another company ?

The value of an NFT is derived by the demand, utility and scarcity. Is there anything in the pipeline that could give users an insight into the demand/popularity of an NFT. Likes/view count/registration of interest to purchase etc. a tangible indication of popularity/liquidity

Marketing question: wen the big advertising will be worldwide released? I mean big on mainstream media. I remember u tested some mainstream adv in a football match in Porugal in 2020.

Wen staking $uos will be available on Will there be casino-style gambling games?

Will there be erotic games?

From how many users you will consider Ultra as a success ?

Elrond had a big security problem related to a smart contract, their team reacted well and the situation seems to be restored. Could Ultra`s technical team benefit from the advice and feedback of its partner Elrond?

What`s your vision on AR and VR?

Uniq will launch earlier than Ultra Games, correct? If so, will Uniq come with a IOS wallet or only when Ultra Games launches?

Can you explain the "transfer NFT" option better? Will we have to enter the recipient address or will there be an easier way (for example using their username instead of wallet address, or having them in our "friend" list) ? Thanks Rami

Why dont you make your ultrachill videos (which are top) subtitle French?

Are there plans to be able to stake $uos and what does this look like?

Do you have a clear and clear date for the release of ultra public?

How will you assess Ultras success ?

Cudos has recently launched their main net can we expect the ultra miner soon? Thanks for all your hard work.

when will the secret sauce be revealed ? What else can you tell us about it ?

Could you explain how nft teleportation will work and chains do you plan to support?

Do you have in mind or in plans to implement nested NFTs? if there is a house as NFT and a house has furniture inside, would it be possible to move house uniq together with furniture uniqs all at once? And furniture uniqs cant be sold as long as they belong to house?

Lets say a game has his own token, if i buy one token of this game will it be converted to UOS automatically? Or our client wallet will have a lot of sections for each game coin I own + UOS, and then, do the coins games can be converted to UOS!? Hope that im clear..

I loved the publisher/game dev announcement videos. To me, popular publishers/devs being announced (& sharing the news) builds brand awareness & trust with gamers. Why did these stop shortly after they started? With 150+ partners, even announcing just 1/week would take 3 years.

Will we be able to create our own tokens on the Ultra protocol or will we have to switch to ERC20? Even if you can`t tell, do you have a clue ? I`m thinking of Elarium and the future AAA

Do you have any devs developing games that that are planning on utilising your NFT sdk and deploying the game multi platform on console and PC opening up gaming NFTs to more than just PC players?

Will the full launch be in 2022?

Will the public launch of ultra be done with the launch of the AAA game that was teased recently? And with a Binance listing ?

Will more developers be announced this year?

When is the official launch?

Would it be possible to do a tour of the Estonian office and see how it looks? See the table fuss and hang out corner and say hi to the people doing the work?:)

What type of options will be available to modify nft structure ? :) Thx in advance :)

How many million daily active users by EOY22?

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