VeVe Update: We`ll be taking #VeVe offline today at

June 11, 2021, 4:26 am
VeVe Update: We`ll be taking #VeVe offline today at
VeVe Update: We`ll be taking VeVe offline today at 9PM PDT to implement an update. The app will be down for approx. 2 hours and we`ll update this space as soon as we`re back online

with new software there`s always updates and it makes things interesting since it`s like a surprise or a new toy/feature to play with. When updates aren`t that frequent, what are we going to look forward to?

They goin to change it the Gems to a Red Halo instead!

Hope it includes selling NFTs for mi

fix the auction sort for android please lol

Intriguing.... please god, ios update. were flying blind out here!

Praying for IOS marketplace updates!!!

Hopefully it`s an update to sort the auction listing on Android so you can see ending soon first. And also to sort that when you view something and go back to listing it takes you back to the top.

Please post release notes/changes with each update

Work your magic Devs

Thanks for letting us know

Omg I can`t wait to see the updates Lets do this Come on lets go

Are you going to bring the iOS and Android apps in-line?

Veve updates are like a box of chocolates... You never know what you`re gonna get...

What are the changes ?

I dont use Veve much but I love how yall update us so frequently

Do your stuff guys

Any major changes ?

Can we expect any changes with this update?

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