September 8, 2021, 2:51 pm
Update Microsoft recently: Offered Pinterest $51 Billion Offered TikTok - $50 Billion Bought Bethesda - $7.5 Billion Offered Discord - $10 Billion Bought Nuance - $19.7 Billion That`s - $130 Billion left sitting in the bank BEFORE Satya said: "We are all-in on gaming"

The thing is Microsoft is a tech company. Just because they were willing to spend 50 billion on Pinterest, Discord, or Tiktok, doesn`t mean they`ll invest that money into acquiring game studios. I would hope so, but it`s not that straightforward.

I could be wrong but the Discord offer is off now right?

Microsoft should just buy me.

Well, it could easily be we have 50M. Offer 50, they say no, we still have 50. We offer the same 50 again and so on. But they surely do have a lot of money.

Lots of people can`t afford the newest Xbox. I am stuck with the original Xbox one. When are we getting a system update. Party LFG posting needs a rework. We need better control on profile editing, better support on returns. The return policy needs a rework on games.

Let`s buy everything... Some day we all gonna wear some gadgets and implants from MICRO TEAM and close our eyes and play the gamepass like Santana the ... xbox Why they leaving Square Enix on the table.

All the money and still can give quality product. 90% of games on game pass are still filled with either Indi games, 3 star or lower ratings (these games are mostly just bad ports from PC with bad control or so many crashes games are just unplayable).

Bots continue to say Xbox is 600 billion

Microsoft the Disney of gaming as I already said

Hype based on rumors will likely lead to disappointment. chill xbox Microsoft GTA6 Just look at what happened to us that invest XRP we are feeling it now.

how about you BUY me an xbox with everything

So.... you do realise they are greedy as shit. Toxic. And we support this nothing to brag about really

Discord decided to go public

They should buy EA, if not Take Two. EA has a lot of good franchises lost, because they cant make it a service with evil monetization.

Who cares? The rich get richer, stop sucking off some big corporation that sees you only as profit

Why would you buy a playstation, Sony is poor compared to Microsoft and a ps is just a worse deal

Please stop useing this gay eyes emoji

So basically $111 Billion is on the table right now.... that`s INSANE. Take-Two is valued at 17 to 25 Billion Max (& they`re 8th Biggest Gaming Company in world in terms of Profit in 2021) Behind: 1. Sony 2. Tencent 3. Nintendo 4. Microsoft 5. Activision-Blizzard 6. EA 7. Epic

hypothetically imagine if they announced (could be April 1st) acquisition of Sony Entertainment.. some people would really cringe, again imagine, after all $$$$ is not an issue

Hi! I from Russia! I`m very bad know English. Please, write what is going on in the video

I would go for for AMD, then cut down the chip production for Sony. Just to see tears.

Please be Take2!!! Sony Fanboys would blow their lids. The amount of damage control and seeing so many of them turn of GTA would make it worth it! Who wants to bet if Take2 is bought by MS, Sony Fanboys would start claiming that theyve always hated GTA. Takers, anyone?

lol chill out dude

Nice concept but not sure on the accuracy of the math unless the offers and deals went down at the same time. As some of the offers could have been made with funding set aside that did not go to previous offer. Just saying...

Microsoft has lots of cash in hand and they want to invest it in foreign assets. They buy game publishers/studios that make sense for them (can work independently and they trust the publisher/studios). I think that they need to form another studios family and then squire studios.

I really hope they acquire something that makes sense like asobo or Bloober, or something big like Take2 or a big japanese company

Doesn`t mean they buying every1. Better to have a partnership at first

Ok buying Take 2 would all but assure gamepass is put on PS5.. but buying Valve would basically buy you pc gaming. And the growth for GP on pc is way higher than PlayStation ever would be.

Like I said before. Not a big fan of take too. I just want to see the tears that`s going to come from a certain fan base if this happens.


I am so excited for whoever they announce they acquired next. Its been a year since they acquired anything gaming related. This next drop of acquisitions will be huge, especially since its in response to Sony. My hopes are: IOI Avalanche Remedy WB Games Something in Japan

Is take two really f`ing happening?? This would change the gaming industry forever imho

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