UK applies to join huge Pacific free trade area

February 4, 2021, 1:20 pm
UK applies to join huge Pacific free trade area
UK applies to join huge Pacific free trade area CPTPP Spot any Problems?

Yes, you`re right! The distance is specifically why we never *ever* import anything from China.

Barbara love, we have these things called aeroplanes now. They can fly enormous distances carrying lots of stuff. We also have really big boats that can also carry lots of stuff. Your Samsung phone, Sony Playstation & Kia Car all come from that area. Simple enough for you?

We are as close to Indonesia as is Chile. Ill thought through comment.

Spot any distance?

No none whatsoever so your point is?

So youre a flat earther then? Yes thats right, well spotted we are going to do a trade deal with an Ocean. Any other revealing insights Galaxy Brain?

Yep. The problem I spot is a foolish FBPE clown not knowing trade is a global construct not just a European one. Whats the downside of joining CPTPP ?

I watched an American show on a Japanese TV yesterday.. And I didn`t even have to be part of a political union with either. Mad init.

Boom in ship building???

I would laugh heartily if the EU joined it as a lark.

I bet you have never tried New Zealand lamb...yikes

The FBPE hashtag should have been a warning that something incredibly dumb was about to follow Are you a flat earther babs?

Yeah: I really wish the earth wasn`t flat.

The fact you remoaners have to say something about it? Proves its a good thing for the

. When will FBPE start to get a life you are all becoming desperate now, for your own sanity start enjoying life

Have you heard of ships before

I thought I saw a loaf of bread with your name on it. But it actually read "Thick cut"!

Oh dear !!! Are you telling me that the European Union doesn`t trade with any of these countries? I don`t understand what the problem is? Is this a new revelation that we have been trading globally for centuries and today it`s suddenly a problem?

No. But then you don`t know the difference between the EU & Europe, so I can see why you`d be confused.

Three words for you: MADE IN CHINA

Funny how Remoaners are showing their huge ignorance about how the world works. Its not Leavers who are the thick ones. Its a multi country trade deal. The U.K. has signed many bilateral deals with others. Where it is is irrelevant. Also its just a trade bloc. The EU isnt.

Uk is vaccinating the people the EU is not... do you see a problem?

We can always move, the world is so small these days have you seen all those massive container ships coming into the UK from China, wines and fruit from South America a shellfish caught in the Irish Sea transported to be packed in somewhere like Thailand and then brought back

Do you mean the long distance ? the same distance that huge amounts of Chinese, Australian and New Zealand goods travel to us now ?

Yep, clearly the Earth is flat.....

Yes I spot a problem, this is it proves to FBPE what idiots they were in thinking the UK could not operate outside of the dictate EU organisation. Of course you would moan about distance but I guess when you only live insular in your bubble of the world you would not understand.

Odd that Asia and China in particular ships hundreds or thousands of tons of goods to the UK every year but you think it doesn`t work the other way round.

So you are against joining free trade areas ?

Only with your knowledge and understanding. The Venetians traded with China, SE Asia, the Middle and the Near East in the 1200s. They used sailing ships and caravans. Just imagine what one can do with aeroplanes and container ships. It`s just AMAZING!!!

Its not the 17th century

The minute I saw FBPE in your bio, I knew whatever you said would be a load of b*ll*cks.

NO IT Would really surprise you how much Container traffic comes from that part of the World. SO no problems what so ever. YOU Also be shocked where you get most you bananas from as well and it not in EU

Yes its almost as though we should shut ourselves up in the E.U. block and not bother trading with Japan, Australia, Chile etc. Have you heard of airfreight ? . . . Go and live in the E.U. if you cant accept a National Democratic decision.

No what`s the issue

So if we signed FTA`s with all the countries that would be OK, but because they are lumped together you have a Geography problem. Troll or Thick ? not entirely sure at the moment !!!!!!!

2 things. 1. The world is a globe. Not flat. 2. It`s an FTA with countries not the ocean.

youre just no very bright are you? So you`ve never bought anything more than a hundred miles away? Britain created Chinas global trade during the Opium Trade period which is deep seated even now 2021.

Your intellect?

No, not in the world of shipping. Have you noticed that most of the stuff you buy here are made in China?

Yes I have spotted problems 1. You live in France, not the UK 2. The map scale is not accurate 3. You have FBPE in your profile, which means you don`t accept any other points of view except your own.

Are you for real ? Cant be FBPE !!

But I`ve heard tell that there are machines that fly through the air? Perhaps boats could be of some use? Computing devices might be lashed together in some way?

Yes you have FBPE in your name tag.

Youre right, whod want an FTA with a market of 500m that generates 15% of global GDP but doesnt want political Union. I mean God knows how we would sell our goods & services to markets that are so far away

Air Freight.....Simples

Nope. It`s an addition, not a replacement.

Ever heard of the internet? We export chiefly financial, IT, technical, security services.

No, its a FTA. So you dont want the UK to trade with countries outside the EU?

Typical Little Englander. Failing to appreciate the world is becoming a smaller place.

Flat earthers wet dream this post is FlatEarth trade

Where was the phone made you typed this? Maybe check your clothes? Transport has evolved, evolve your views aswell

Not really. This is in addition to a number of trade agreements the UK has signed up to, including that concluded with the EU just before Christmas.

What happens if you go too far left from Britain?

Oh shit, my Japanese synthesiser, Korean phone and American guitar, will go off en route! I didn`t think about that.

Yes, youve the asinine FBPE hashtag in your handle.

No. Only opportunities.

Anyone bought a Dyson product recently (Malaysia), a Samsung phone (South Korea), iPhone (China),a Sony TV (probably Malaysia or Japan) etc., etc.? Why are these FBPE/rejoiner types such xenophobic bigots?!!

Oh dear still got fbpe. Spot the problem?

Renovating magical farm deep in rural France.WASPI FBPE. FFS.

The world isnt flat Barbara.

No, whatever appears to be the problem with countries we have traded with for centuries with ships, containers etc. You EU moaners are really stupid people.

Only problem I see is YOU!

Remainers wanting to keep everything white European. Remind again which side the racists are on?

EU signed trade deals with Japan, South Korea, Vietnam..... But I guess that was fine eh Barbara?

Absurd and non-sensical tweet. You prove nothing but your own ignorance.

Ships planes and lorries.

Deary me Barbara

Your negativity is the only problem I see.

Google Pitcairn Islands, British Overseas Territory. Problem solved.

Barbara needs her head read

Are you familiar with the term `the digital economy`? I`m going to take a wild guess and say `probably not`.

Yes, you`ve purposefully showed a map with the UK in the far corner, to create the illusion that it is isolated. Don`t assume other peoples idiocy based on your own.

Yes....fbpe! You do know weve been trading with China for centuries right?

Not a single one

You do know the worlds round........

I hope NI will reap the benefits The only problem I spot, is your totally blind belief that the only way any nation can survive, is to hand your Nations trading rights, to a Federalist political power crazed foreign Union.

Well, you and your ilk but a piffling irrelevance in the greater scheme of things.

How very little Englander of you. PS: The Earth is round.

Rather deal with one aussie than ten krauts i know who i would trust

I dont see any issues, what issues do you see , no four pillars thats a plus, also not being dictated to, and so on

Globalist suddenly decides something global is a problem.

Ever considered how NZ lamb Aussie wine etc get here ?

It`s very wise. That`s where it`s all happening. (We understood things like this in Elizabethan times....How backward is it possible to be?)

Trade is global nowadays, Barbara! Have you not heard about the internet yet? x

Logistically difficult! And how much extra CO2 are we talking per tomato do you think? Anyone calculated it? Brexit really is hastening the end of the world, just thought that was my perception of it. BrexitReality

Your obvious lack of education?

We all drinking Australian wine.

Absolutely. The projection you are using over-emphasises the scale of the Pacific. The distances are shorter than they appear. And, of course, you appear to have forgotten that many of the territories involved are those with which we have traded for centuries (before the EEC).

You know the world is round, right? If we go slightly more to the left, we come around the other side, right next to the circle. The efficiency of container shipping from China to to UK is why it is financially viable to manufacture there. It`s not distance that matters, it is cost. This is a great opportunity to have the kind of trading relationship we should have had with EU.

Yes, greetin faced rejoiners!

No. Why is distance a problem in 2021?

We`ve left your beloved EU mafia group.. Get a life ffs

Ever heard of air and sea transport? - hope you`re enjoying driving your Japanese car....playing music on your Chinese radio...posting shit like this on your new Korean mobile phone...drinking your Australian beers and wines....tucking into your New Zealand Lamb roast....

Not really no. They are some of the most densely populated regions on earth, and more importantly many have a rising middle class - the key to wealth generation.

Nah. The UK will be the heart of CPTPP. said so. You just couldnt make it up, could you?

Nope care to enlighten us?

Were not planning on rowing there, Babs.

I dont see a problem, no.

No ... the only problem is people like you non patriots .....

Rather a long way off!

You know the map connects up on the left and right sides? Or are you a flat-earther?

Yes your arrow is far too big.

No? What is your point?

Nope, no problems for the UnitedKingdom - Oh you must be referring to the problem FBPE people have with a global view of trade, as they are unable think past the closed EU club!

No. Lots of pluses though. The main one being its almost as far away from the EU as its possible to get.

Oh dear, this is all working out well, isn`t it. I wonder, what the leavers think about it. Leaving one pact for another and not even being asked about it.

Yes, youre understanding of how world trade world nowadays.

The only problem i see. Is with people like you nutters who think no other country trades with other countries miles away.

We already trade with all these countries so I see no problem at all. Currently CPTPP is 13.5% of global GDP and If USA join as well this will be the largest trading bloc on the planet.

You do realise that the Earth isn`t flat, don`t you?

Europe is importing massively and unwisely from China. Spot any problems ?

How`s the vaccination programme going in France btw.

Only the one! Too many moaning Remoaners/Rejoiners at the tip of the arrow...

No What problems do you see?? I wager there are none that any reasonable, sane person could easily answer!

With iPhones coming from China and Australian wines in the local Co-op, I dont see a problem

Might I suggest you renovate your understanding of world trade, you may spot some gaps you were unaware of.

Air and sea have been conquered already, did you not know? My wife is from the Philippines, they will benefit greatly from this as will many other poor nations, ....grow up.

Where do the following items, available in supermarkets in the UK, come from (and have done for years) ? - New Zealand Lamb - Australian wines - Hyundai / Kia / Toyota cars - electronics (Japan / Korea) - Lithium (Electric car batteries) - Australia

Hee hee. You are funny!!

Did you spot where China is, do you have Chinese sourced goods via EU. ..truly laughable

Yes a very small problem...the 6 inch vacuum between your ears dear!

None at all, we`ve been buying stuff from here for years

FBPE= For Brexit Perish Europe

Er, no, I really don`t. Do you know what this is? Great point Barbara. That`s why nothing sold in Europe is manufactured in China, for example. It`s just too far away... You Little-Europers are a treat.

Evidently you do..

You do realise that there is a world beyond Europe dont you lol

Barbara, are you really that stupid? I mean really? What is your point? That we cant export goods to the Pacific region because of what? In your mind they havent invented ships or aircraft? Or because there are good we produce that arent available in that region?

Scraping the barrel now arent we?

Oh bully for you , its a great life is it not. "Renovating magical farm deep in rural France" Oh, problems ? None at all, I voted for a TRADING UNION with Europe NOT to become part of a Federal System that no one wanted OR voted for. Take care ,watch out for those big Briards The biggest exporter of goods to EU is China, biggest exporter of services to EU is USA. I`ve spotted that the problem is in your own bigotry. Don`t be a little EUropean, be a global European like the UK.

Oh dear, you don`t realise that Canada is in it so your circle is rather small. That is an ocean you have circled.

You do understand Global trade, shipping routes etc etc. If I was you I would delete this TWEET and save yourself

None at all. We export to countries in that area, and it`s a massive growing market. Or havent FBPEers ever heard of transport?

You see, there`s this thing called `international trade`, it`s where goods and services are delivered globally using the Internet and various means of transport...

Trouble you`ve got here is the EU already has trade agreements with countries in the region ie japan and is pursuing more ie Australia but other than that you`re spot on

Distance isnt important these days. Especially services. Plus this bloc doesnt have a currency, court, flag, president, laws, fishing bloc, and a goal to be a country.

You mean we dont ever trade with Australia or America?

Oh great. I hope we get in.

Barbara, just leave the trade to the adults, you`ve proved your child like mindset doesn`t work, just like it did with Brexit..

Not really. We have ships and aircraft. Even better than the ones we had when NZ butter and lamb was common in the shops, or Morris Marinas were populating their roads. China is that way as well - how many things made in China so you have?

No Barbara....only positives. Time for you to broaden your horizons beyond the poisonous EU Ponzi scheme you seem to worship.

I mean I think it`s funny but that map is misleading but yeah again funny

No. Typed on an iPhone made in China.

Hmmm... if only we could move on from reliance on sailing ships and dependence on bulky primary products, ay Barbara...?

Digital trade does not require geographical proximity, indeed in many ways there opportunities to utilise the different time zones.

You clearly don`t understand trade, especially for services and the digitisation of the world.

Nope...get my raspberries from Namibia!

Spot the problem you live in France not UK your opinion is worthless and seeing other responses ill conceived.

Lol, someone who doesnt think you can trade globally

You do realise the earth isn`t flat?

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