Uber`s price differentiation on iOS vs Android is so

October 16, 2021, 10:33 am
Uber`s price differentiation on iOS vs Android is so
Ubers price differentiation on iOS vs Android is so high that as an iPhone user who is dependant on Uber to get around in Blr, Im gonna be saving lots of even if I purchase a dedicated Android device just for Uber bookings.

Wow! What`s the price difference like? And I wonder whether there is further price discrimination within Android - someone using a Samsung Galaxy Note, vs. using Oppo / Vivo devices (which I think is detectable by apps)

Can u send specific screenshot

This is old trick. Mac user pay more for Airline ticket. This is just App version of same. Its not just Uber. There is price difference between the subscriptions/one-time purchase of the same app on App Store vs Play Store. I got to know about it once I got my iPad.

Doubt this. Did you login on an android phone with the same phone num as on iOS? If not, the differentiation is user specific than OS.

I`ll tell why (possible reason) Apple does not allow 3rd party payment portals for the apps company installed in your Apple devices and are mandated to use apple`s payment portal or something. This way, apple takes a share % of the payment. Thus it`s high . 1/n

Wow! What is the difference like, Sneha? Any screenshots (if you have, that is)?

Wtf. I didnt know this. But knowing Uber - very believable. Did you know they built bots to book rides on Rival app (lyft) during peak time? This way passengers would never find cabs and loose trust. They lost $3-5 cancellation each time. But who cares.

Seriously? Its a fraud if they are really doing it.

No such differentiation in Mumbai

Woww.. I didnt observe this differentiation in Mumbai

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