twitter has been basically unusable on android for like

September 20, 2021, 8:23 pm
twitter has been basically unusable on android for like
twitter has been basically unusable on android for like over half a year now and that`s honestly kind of nuts

Might be your version of Android or I`ve of the other apps you have running. Twitter has always worked fine for me on my Google phone.

Twitter has always been basically unusable on android in firefox and I feel like a year or two more and I`ll have achieve some weird zen enlightenment

Ive somehow never encountered this

Hi I`m on Android sir what are you on about

It works good to me

I thought I was the only one. It`s getting ridiculous. And it happens a lot when I`m watching a video

I dont have any issues Cant imagine whats wrong tbh

I`ve never had an issue with Twitter across three different devices all using different versions of Android. Weird

twitter for android has never been usable

Ok I thought it was just me

Furthermore, has it *ever* not been absolutely dreadful for video?

Been like this for me for over a year and a half. Even got a new, better phone (needed a new one anyways) and this still showed up about 90% as often.

Weird, not for me, but then again I haven`t updated it in ages. Still works!

Would love a version of twitter that lets me actually look at tweets instead of scrolling up on its own every 2 seconds

I upgraded from a pixel 3a to a 5a thinking my old phone was showing it`s age but nope Twitter is just like this

Oh my god thank you i thought it was just me

Idk if it`s unique to your hardware or exact distro of android but I haven`t had any of these problems on my Pixel

It might be that your browser needs an update, the twitter ap goes through your browser iirc.

it`s been fine for me

I thought it was just me, glad I`m not alone in my suffering at least

whenever it becomes really slow for me i go to app settings, clear cache, and press force stop on the app and it works normal again.

Have you tried using the beta version? I don`t know if it`s available to everyone, but mine works just fine

Clearing the cache helps. Do it every few months basically

It`s simply protecting you. Bless these righteous devs.

I use fenix and have never had problems!

It worked perfectly for years and then like last month has started to completely freeze randomly. It`s great

Thats a sign to stop tweeting mate. Trust me you aint missing much. In fact, every potential tweet you think of write it in a script and make a youtube video out of that, get some revenue. Cheers!

It`s been working fine on mine, except for one issue yesterday when my battery was nearly dead

This was happening to me a few mins ago, i went to the app info screen and hit Force Stop then Cleared Cache and now it`s working again

I`ve always just used it in chrome like a Neanderthal but it works

It`s a lot more unstable for me *in browser on desktop* than on my Samsung.

Bad day for Twitter (If you want some unsolicited tech advice for using Twitter on Android btw lemme know, I have a strategy) This has been happening to me too, I thought it was my phone getting old.

what is android ?? is that a new iphone app ???

Android is trying to save our souls

It`s worked fine on my Samsung the whole time?

I deleted the app and just access through the browser now. AdBlock works, and no crashes.

I find that uninstalling and reinstalling it fixes the issue. Also smth about dark mode makes it weird.

Switching to android ASAP

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