Twitter for IPhone finally

June 11, 2021, 12:51 am
Twitter for IPhone finally
Twitter for IPhone finally Android users y3 sinners

Let us know which type of iPhone u dey use ....coz me adey use Samsung phone wey the picture quality and the price pass ur fon.

Must u shout?

Android fuo da woase

0202873735. Available for pickup/delivery in Accra. You head like Edward

We meuve,they can agree to disagree but 3y3 y3 back case Itel users kuraaa de333 ,dem be the Sin itself

Let`s grow together. I follow back instantly

Give the phone to the owner

abi we troll the android users so take pressure go buy iPhone...

Iphone 6 letters Ebi 666

You figga u make it aaama

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