Twitter for Android is no more YEAAAAAHHH IPHONE GANG

January 20, 2021, 4:53 pm
Twitter for Android is no more YEAAAAAHHH IPHONE GANG
Twitter for Android is no more


Did you know its builderman`s Birthday today

People in the replies have never seen a tech video. I have. Both are good. Android is Android. iOS is iOS. They dont force updates and they both are fast (usually, unless its old). As a person who knows these things, it hurts to see people spout shit like Apple is a scam. 1/2

Wait- im still using Twitter on my Android.

I will keep it alive damn it.

Noted laughs in web app

I still have Android Twitter B) B) B) B) I dont use emojis because emojis are emojis.

Bruh they ment that they got a iPhone

Welcome to the real deal

Laughs in old Twitter version

Me on android:

*casually break dances* sorry son I am still on android

why? I`m on my phone on twitter and everything is fine

Twitter for IPad is where its at tho

Wanna bet your life on that?

Wha why apple tho????????????

thought you had an Ipad for that.

We lost another one boys, the bullies of apple have gotten him

what was that? I don`t know if I should say anything because I`ll just get blasted for having my mom`s old phone


Have fun with no way to change your phone

I`m sorry to hear that, enjoy apples forced updates that slow down your phone and limitations of the OS in general

but did a really good job on that

lookin cool koneko

remember when you used to post on twitter using your ipad

I am 4 parrelel universes ahead of you. I use the mobile website on Android.

buys best iphone doesn`t but best android very fair indeed

I posted this on a Android, get nob

twitter for iphone now rise up

Konko gets a good phone

upgrade beach U P G R A D E

What`you mean, im on itnrn

So proud of you Koneko

welcome to the iphone/web app gang

Wot wrong with Android

we lost a real one for today Twitter for Android gang

maybe not for you, if my laptop ever breaks again i have to go back to my samsung phone :(

i broke my phone

Android is gone

Welcome to Apple gang

Welcome to the club

one of us one of us one of us

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