Twitter app on Pixel is noticeably faster than Twitter

December 6, 2021, 4:43 pm
Twitter app on Pixel is noticeably faster than Twitter
Twitter app on Pixel is noticeably faster than Twitter app on iPhone 13 pro. The iOS app is on some fake 120hz refresh. Need to use the twitter web app on safari to experience real 120

Wow the 120hz issue didn`t get solved yet?

I strongly disagree Then people act like the 13 pro max is a battery kingnah tht thing rarely reach 120hz and third party apps a worse cos most of them only do 60hz

Twitter on iPhone 13 Pro felt really smooth until the most recent update

Then post the tweet via a Google Pixel and not via the iPhone if it is so much better

Very true twitter app stutter while scrolling in iphone i never felt iphone is 120hz my cousins Oneplus 7T refreshing is vetter than my 13PM anyone having iPhone just compare with an android or even with iPad with promotion displays they are so fast but iPhone still behaves 60hz

Twitter android app is literally the worst... Janks everywhere even on latest flagships of android

Lol , next level trolling here

Cap. Twitter app on pixel, scrolling feels so unresponsive to the touch. Plus I had issues where it doesnt upload videos in 60fps. They have to fix this nonsense asap.

Yes, but the pixel 6/pro Twitter app has jitter scroll. So janky relative to rest of the phone. Imo iPhone animations and scrolling are just tuned way differently. Until Twitter updates app to work with Android 12, I`ll take iOS Twitter app on 13 pro/Max over Android app on 6 pro

the Twitter app on my pixel 6 is a bit jittery when scrolling, Twitter on iOS is a bit nicer

Twitter app on android is super stuttery at 120 Hz for me.

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