Truest sh!t ever!

January 23, 2022, 8:36 pm
Truest sh!t ever!
Truest sh!t ever! Go ahead and come at me

Can I watch YouTube and use Google maps at the same time, can iPhone do this?

There are two different kind of people in the world people who love android and people who hate android

"I use iPhone" is just another of paying for for apps and have not hacked before

I`ll give this a go.. I was an iPhone user but some things I didn`t like. Space for files & music. Give the phone to someone else & had a hell of a time getting the profile to them. Had to itune music if not capable of by passing. People assembling them jumping out of windows.

All day. It`s me. I`m that Android user. I don`t have dementia so I don`t need apple products. The planned obsolescence and overpriced proprietary peripherals don`t help their case either.

I hate all the things I cant do with iPhone that I can with a Samsung lol

I switched to iPhone and I hate it gonna switch back soon lol

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