Total coincidence that Apple abandoned its customer privacy commitments

August 25, 2021, 11:08 pm
Total coincidence that Apple abandoned its customer privacy commitments
Total coincidence that Apple abandoned its customer privacy commitments the same month theyre asking the US government to formally endorse and adopt Apples app store and payments monopoly in foreign trade negotiations?

I like flowers, animals, starry skies, natural scenery, and historical buildings. I am not afraid of anything, because I only store such images in my photo folder. But Google`s gmail and Photo But ever since I found out that Google was scanning my gmail and Photo behind my back

I wonder if this can be stopped. Iv other reasons to change from iPhone but this will seal it. & each time I move I realise how all controlling they are. Proprietary "better" files for all images & music etc. & ye, google also try to control all but I can de-google stuff.

i miss fortnite ios

Apple gives customers top-notch products and service! Fortnite will fade away in 2 years at most! You should be more inventive, creative - offering more challenges, competitions, levels and rewards! You will never ever achieve Apple`s value with your "strategy"!

I would have thought this would hinder such prospects of endorsement?

Cant you do anything in your power to bring back the game even if you have to remove direct payment, remove it until the judge gives out a verdict pls. Im so tired of waiting and its past the verdict date.

Tim Sweeney is the vibe killer of the year .he killed his best game epic ever made .. F ..U Tim and Epic hahaha

Two ways we the people loose

They just bounce around not paying their taxes.

All you do is complain because you want a free ride in the App Store aka all the profits from iAPs. You and Spotify just complain, complain, complain like a 5 year olds mad because playing the victim hasn`t worked yet

"When Apple releases these client-side scanning functionalities, users of iCloud Photos, child users of iMessage, and anyone who talks to a minor through iMessage will have to carefully consider their privacy and security priorities in light of the changes

And what about the Chinese spies integrated in epic games ?

And could wipe out world hunger and the many other tragic situations in the world without a dent in his pocket HaitiEarthquake AfghanistanBurning afghanistanwomen

Im left wondering why they opted for on-device scanning rather than do it in the cloud. Is it just the easiest path given a variety of data centre providers or should we assume something more insidious is going on? Is the tip off that this feature is US only?

Google & Apple are just doing the same thing nothing new, stealing data

They`re two Axis China & US the possibile third one is Turkey. But what will happen in Seoul won`t affect the fact of China is raising & gaining more point of in tech race. So what will happen in space will determine the future of who control the world

Tbh what`s happening in US (the new policies) and mandates it`s just is leading to US self-destruction internally,paving the way to China as the world is becoming literally the global dynamics are changing & tech race is becoming instense

Well, at the end of the day Biden can do nothing, if it`s not about the deepstate mandate, this relates to the political & economics dynamics with what`s happening in the chip industry. It`ll determine how the tech industry will be.

This you? Oh Timmy, oh Timmy... back at it again I see

twitter for iphone

Spoiler Alert: Apple & Google allege discrimination against American businesses bcs a law will promote business competition in Korea. Lol

Posted on twitter for iPhone

twitter for iphone

well overdue for a "trim"

Yes and terrorist threats will be next which now includes pretty much everything Good morning Tim

Tim, the fight you are fighting is a hard fight. I respect your efforts. Trying to get companies to do the right thing in this era is almost impossible. I wish more CEO`s were like you in this world!

Slightly off topic but does epic have any plans in the short term with fortnite and the metaverse?

Maybe time to assume that Big Tech Cos are no longer Private Cos, except in name only. These moves are partly about maintaining economic dominance by aligning with the ruling class. Not sure if it`s long run smart, time will tell.

Apple is walking a fine line. Check this meta pineapple out: York Times story:
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