Too much punk vs ape debate

December 6, 2021, 2:11 pm
Too much punk vs ape debate
Too much punk vs ape debate. We want punks and apes to both . Therefore I propose a new campaign apefollowpunk punkfollowape - Drop a like and Ill follow back. One community!

No debates on SPKZ;Just lounges to chop it up with fellow holders And here comes the shameless plug to our BAYC lounge - Thanks for posting this. It`s unfortunate to see projects battling with each other when 95% (guesstimate) of the world still needs to be onboarded. Infighting is counter productive.

Ill prob never have a punk or ape but ill always support both communities as one

Agreed. This space should be building out, not division and tribes.

Exactly .. One Tribe

A little friendly rivalry is good.

The real argument is wen will flip them both? Thats a great idea ser, everyone should really get on board with this

Shouldnt it be, we want everyone to succeed? Metaverse wagmi?

Comparing apples to bananas really. There is space for these two projects as they serve different purpose. apefollowpunk punkfollowape

Can I also add too much collection vs collection debate, and digital vs traditional art debate. ALL can Makes for a much better, more creative, interesting, colourful world

Like this. Ill make my best efforts to follow back, any apes here.

Theyre both cool asf tbh

Love this, fren

In the endthis wins. Great attitude

I like both.ape punk We are going to flip both. me no ape and punk I don`t have a punk or ape, but my respect for you ser We are all in this together and we are strong together in NFTCommunity WAGMI

Why be exclusive? Why not just !vibe constantly? Its time for Cat veve mistercartoon thatcatbronson

eva and cifi joing the completion shortly. Be prepared for huge competition. citizens evaverse $cifi $eva $evaverse

Punks love the apes

Dont forget to follow us in between :) we are lovely creatures

I mean, one day we have to start not only apes follow apes, but just people from NFT community follow other people from this community :)

Not Apes and not punks can be in that game? just followed you.

Ape follow falconaut ? Falconaut follows apes .

Apes Punks

I welcome the fight against tribalism in this space

wagmi = we all gonna make it. There`s room for everyone. Done deal brother

this guy gets it.

This is they thought process needed to be prepared for the next stage of building. ApePunk GutterCat CoolCat SandboxDecentraland The biggest challenges we will face have not even looked our way yet, unite now and grow strong

Thanks for posting this. It`s truth. Best is when both succeed. I remember when I onboarded back in late May every punk that picked up an ape was celebrated in Discord. I saw a punk and was like, shit, maybe this thing does have legs. Nothing but respect for the early punks

Punk Ape! Crypto bulls wanna be frens too!

Love this. Although Im only a mutant

Followed you I have a Mutant and a BAKC too I got neither but this is the way.

Couldnt agree more. Not a fan of punks or apes wishing bad or shitting on each other at all. One big fam! punkfollowape apefollowpunk

Never been a fan of the whole apes flip punks thing especially when so many people own both

the ape vs punk we need to end!

I respect this sentiment! followed ser

Yetis will prevail

How do I obtain a NFT

Yea lets get this happening

If gas prices allow it, sure

Couldn`t agree more brother

I love this, feeling the same way

Great idea! (btw, both already have moon tickets, cmon)

This mutant agrees! WAGMI NFTfamily the whole teams gotta win
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