Today is Launch Day

June 11, 2021, 5:50 pm
Today is Launch Day
Today is Launch Day Introducing OldOS iOS 4 beautifully rebuilt in SwiftUI. * Designed to be as close to pixel-perfect as possible. * Fully functional, perhaps even usable as a second OS. * Fully open source for all to learn, modify, and build on.

Lol! It would be great if we could get fully functional iOS 4, five, six... I thought those were the best iOS ever, iOS 6 was cool. It would be neat if we could install a couple of apps into this, I dont know how that would work though

Just... wow! I envy your commitment and obvious focus. As for the video: Excellent choice of Applesque music! It`s gorgeous, just like the project itself. Did you produce it, ? If so, what tools/tech. did you use?

Cool app. Can I get a beta code? Thanks.

You have a testflight link?

This looks really nice, in the future will it ever possibly be available to ios 13 users?

I want the retro-looking reel player podcast app. That was the best app!

Reminds me of my first iPhone. And I think its a great way to prank people that pick up your phone. Lol

How can I download it?

Impossible to download

Beta is full man, I rly miss iOS 4 so plz fix it!

This is just incredibly smooth and stunning. ahahaha apple when will see this:

You are all incredible... I just woke up and saw we hit another 10k! Welp, luckily there`s a whole `nother link you can download from... No more spots is it possible to get another link? I would love to test the app!!

Are you planning to increase the number of testers? I definitely want to participate in the test

Can we get another code

The beta is full AGAAIN

do you have another link? the other beta versions are full

Hey dude i dont have the opportunity to download the TestFlight i will wait to the another version xd

Let me join you. One more Testflight, please.

Would love to test it but is full

The beta is full again..

this blog introduced ur service so i get to know!so dopest idea!and I`m 19 yo big respect YOU from JAPAN^_^ Thank you for creating OldOS. So nostalgic and it works. Well done! I only wish I couldve beta tested this I loved it but the beta is full

Available on android lol?

This is such an amazing tribute. Thank you for your work on this. Please keep it up!

This would be awesome as a tweak that actually changes your entire ios. Dope work

Wow thats beautiful! The switcher doesnt quite act like iOS only closes apps... but this is great its almost like dream board.

Hahahaha tell me how I was just about to forward this to you

Back to the iOS 4 time,thx

I use my phone to use my (old) phone, nice

Well done! This is cool.

Making this as a theme please, and do it for free lmao

Old GarageBand on this would be sick

Beta is full. Want to test it.

The TestFlight betas are full I cant download it

In TestFlight the beta is super full and I want to try it i want iOS 4

This is so insanely sick! Im so thrilled to see how this develops in the future!

This is beautiful thank you so much Ive been trying to get this experience for months

Does it have copy and paste

Aww man, I miss the old Notes app so much! Such a nostalgia trip using this again. this is cool af omg bruh Please send me a link to download the app via TestFlight.

This is so freaking cool!! Amazing job!

AWESOME!!! So good on an OLED display. Looks like the home button is actually where it should be. Plus the haptics is a nice touch.

Not in the AppStore yet

this is genius man! just joined Testflight

Although not on Ios anymore but could be back be more things like these are on ios to make it fun again. Here is my android dialer looks like ios 4 dialer the beta full already :(

I have dual SIMs and the carrier name keeps switching whenever I open a different app.

From all the FanBoys and Girls Thank You! It even works on iOS 15!

This is great!!! Thanks for making this. Its so cool that App Store works, for a second I was even surprised that I dont see Angry Birds at the top of the top paid list Bug I found: Haptic feedback for the home button stopped working for me after couple of minutes

the nostalgia omg amazing job!!

But will it let me control the EQ on my iPod Hi-Fi!?

Thank you for making this. It is astonishingly fun and delightful and well-done.

this is wrong, unnatural, and it hurts to use. i love it, thank you Zane!

How to I download it ?

i think you need to check that out

Really cool job. Authentic

"Install Cydia on OldOS"

Super impressive that this was built in SwiftUI!

My bro would this work on ios 14.4.1 iphone se non jailbroken? I really want this and im so proud of you!


How much money did you get, ZANE, for circulating this message?????

Nice more people can get it

Woohoo! Installing now Thanks for sharing a new link!

*Now, where`s the damn edit button

Alright, another TestFlight link...if you haven`t been able to download you know can! Wonder how well it`ll look on my SE 1st gen... lol, will still try it!

Oh,yeah. Ahhh Quotas been reached. Cant run the app in Testflight. Id love to try it out! Looks awesome.

I still miss these beautiful UIAlertView & UIActionSheet. The modern ones are almost unlegible.

Beta is full How can I get this beauty now?!

I dont quite understand how to use that all that does is collect my email address and it does nothing else

THE NOSTALGIA!!! It`s beautiful

I have zero nostalgia for Apple phones but this is still neat.

Perfect. Can you add unlock sound as well?

Hello , I want to download it on my iPhone 7 on iOS 15 in Test Flight but its full ! Can I get a new link please ? Thanks in advance !

This is the highlight of my day

Dude I am already nostalgic because of your post. Add more beta invitations please

The layout is kind of messed up on my Xs Max. But still is an impressive project. Great for noon like me to learn iOS dev. Will look into it!

beta full Very nice, i wish there were more test flight spots

Of course its full! I just read an article today (6/10) and everyone beat me to it. This is disappointing!!!

Oh noo! The beta is already

I understand you guys are smart.... But IOS is supposed to be easy to download. How about a big button that says download. Instead of all these weird instructions. :):)

Is it possible to add more spots? Its full already

Is this a joke? Because I couldn`t access any download from that Airport app thing (in fact, couldn`t even find the Airport app)... and now this Testflight thing says there are no apps available to test. Why not say: Hey, download here guys! Why all these special secret places??

Slept on it and now its full! Any chance youll expand the size or cycle people out? Ill keep trying the TestFlight link and crossing my fingers.

As pixel-perfect as possible means that it emulates a lower-resolution display for that nostalgic screen door feeling?

It says the beta is full

Could you possibly make an ipa for it so people who dont own a Mac can side-load it?

How can I install it on Apple TV?

Can I use this as a launcher?

Love this so many dials and design went away when iOS went flat. Thanks again!

I need it! now!

Damn the beta is full Id loooooove to test it doe

The beta is full, ugh

Oh no beta is full man if you can open up a single space on the TestFlight beta for OldOS cant wait to try this out!

This is impressive, but I also couldn`t help but chuckle out loud

The beta is full, anyway that I can test it out to ge the link?

Looks like the Beta is full. Any other way to download this?

Teat flight links says- the beta is full, can i get the access for Oldos by any chance?

This is awesome and even though the beta is full, I don`t feel so bad. I still have a 2nd generation iPod Touch so I regularly get my "old os" fix, but nice to see some nostalgic love for the old skeuomorphic designs.

Cant try it says full

Beta is full. Any help ?

Just tried to get OldOS and TestFlight says the beta is full. Are you able to open more spaces or is this an Apple limitation? Thanks!

Upload this as an ipa file to GitHub. We can side load it from there

is there an apk for jailbroken devices

This is pretty great even if only for a short while. You nailed it with the ad music too! Exodus Honey by Honeycut. iOS-nostalgia ftw . $AAPL Shazam I really want to try but the testers are full

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