Today I learned people think 3D Audio is exclusive

December 19, 2021, 5:45 am
Today I learned people think 3D Audio is exclusive
Today I learned people think 3D Audio is exclusive to PS5 lol. Hell, Xbox One even has it.

Hasn`t spatial audio been a thing since the early 2000s? Pretty sure vanilla morrowind has 3d sound

Xbox Dolby Atmos > Playstation 3D audio

The length these fanboys and media fanboys go to is amazing. Now Xbox studios should release games on ps5 cause of 3D audio lmfao. Also acting as if no other company has 3D audio and further acting like Dolby Atmos isnt superior in every which way.

The truth is 3D Audio is Spred wide across all hardware, the difference is dedicating more hardware for richer sound. Sony Open to any headphone is easy giveaway

I dont think anyone has ever said 3D audio is exclusive to PlayStation. Where did you learn this?

It is horrible on games that haven`t been upgraded for ps5 or games that don`t fully support 3d audio like AC black flag lmao I have tried it only on that game so far... not good. I have tried it on a couple others though and it`s pretty solid

LML HAD IT SINCE XBOX ONE. If yall dont know what hes talking about its called windows sonic and its fantastic. Xbox gives you options though. AND available.

Another console warrior..sigh, Mute!

But PS5 audio is so much better... it has just a hint of cinnamon added for flavor.

Xbox people are so sensitive though

I find it funny when people say ha ha ps5 dont have dolby atmos..then when i ask them their speaker set up...they say headphones

When people learn what panning is

Im still waiting to send Mark Cerny pictures of my ears

Today I learned that people actually think Xbox is better than Sony lmao

I can`t believe people don`t realize Sony`s 3D audio is just a cheap knockoff of Atmos and DTS:X theyre forcing on their customers because they can`t afford to pay for a proper license

Ps5 use tempest ENGINE Made from gpu CU

People actually think that? Lol

3D audio through TV is exclusive and 3D audio on PS5 is hardware-level while Xbox uses a software solution for games at least. Ask anybody who knows anything about surround on headsets you ALWAYS go hardware and not software supported surround/3D.

Those mf thinks that vibrations in buttons is new

If you have the right headphones, any FPS shooter can have awesome audio.

The Xbox One already has 3D audio long, long before the PS5 didkeep dreaming Sony Boys.

I`ve been using Atmos on Xbox for years. Hellblade sold me on the feature. I bought new headphones (that came with an Atmos account) just for that game.

Its been a thing for ages. It`s just marketed more these days. Xbox has it and PS has it (implemented in different ways but they both have it)

And im the guy saying who fucking cares it all sounds generally the same anyway. My sound bar works fine for whatever platform I use. Even switch and PC

Silly ponies Its not the same tho. Ps5 has dedicated hardware for it.

but you have to play for 3d audio on xbox, correct me if i am wrong

All this talk about 3d audio and I can hardly tell the difference.

Uhmmmmm no. Guys. the 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems and 3-D audio technology arent the same thing. Dolby Vision and Atmos is not the same technology as t 3D audio. Similar yes. Same no

Lol alot of gamers think if Playstation didn`t have it until recently then Xbox sure as hell couldnt of had it since they make the worst consoles with no games

As does PC. Hell, we had it first!

Not one person has said this lmfao

Well, people seems to think Starfield is coming to PS5 too.

Quick question on that actually. I have the xbox wireless headset. Comes with windows sonic I believe. Is that any different than dolby atmos. I see they advertise atmos with halo and others but never really thought about how much better sound could be.

3D audio blows anyway

We rly live in a world where people be ignorant

Gaming narratives man. Annoying, but at least they`re relatively harmless.

They forgot Dolby Atmos is a thing

It`s called Spatial audio...only difference is ps5 has a decaded core for it.

Yeah. It`s better that both have it. People deserve best on both consoles. I don`t think console wars are that worth it.

Hmmm reminds me of how Xbox fanboys think their rumble in the joypad is the same as the dualsense. Newsflash, it`s not.

My favorite thing is that people think it`s special tech inside the headset as opposed to software virtualization on the system itself

You can use all the technical wizardry in the world, you`ll never be able to truly replicate discrete independent speakers in their soundstage from two speakers on a set of headphones.

Even funnier is that stellar marketing has also convinced the same folks that they need special premium `3D headphones` to hear it.

Ignorance is a terminal disease

Its sad that a big brand just needs to advertise it as something brand new and everyone will believe it. Even the most features from the DualSense arent innovative to the world and yet people believe it

3D audio has been around for years.thats so embarrassing

You mean the ponies they dont understand a lot of things like how to walk upright and how to drive lol Right. Don`t actually think PS5 implementation is ideal either. Whilst spatiality is excellent, it warps tonality of different frequencies tad too much making things a touch muddy. Other fake 3D audio implementations equally problematic. Dolby Atmos too (over extends bass/treble)

The Dolby system on Xbox is actually a little bit better since it is the same standard as on PC. Easier to develop with. Also has a little more depth in sound range. The specs on Sony does allow for better adjustment for individual hearing. But it takes time to set up.

Even funnier is that most PS5 owners I know think that only Pulse 3D supports Tempest 3D cuz it has "3D" in its name. They already played scalper prices for that mediocre uncomfortable headset...

I switch between Atmos, Sonic and DTS on Xbox, and compare to tempest on ps5. Xbox= Xbox Wireless headset PS5= Pulse 3D Some games just have incredible audio. Ghost of Tsushima on PS5 with Pulse is excellent. Halo Infinite has premium audio.

Not only do people believe this but will actually get angry and argue about it.

It is not even 3D

It`s called audio mixing and it`s been around for *checks notes* decades.

I thought ray-tracing was exclusive to Xbox and then I found out Series X was dynamic 4K 30fps because of bottlenecks.

3D audio was a thing on the 2001 Xbox One even

What`s comical is sony`s tempest audio doesn`t even work on mine or anyones home theatre setup. It only works for headsets and tv speakers.

Literally no one thinks that.

Early launch of Xbox series & Ps5 console most people thought Unreal engine 5 is exclusive to Ps5 and only possible on ssd.....not surprised here. I use the JVC Exofield Headphones to create a realistic 7.1.4 environment. It works really well and can be used with every source. Not just consoles. I use it for movies with my Apple TV and for games with my ps5.

lol remind me of when people pushing that unreal 5 is exclusive to ps5 and Xbox series don`t have the power of it

Xbox needs shareplay. It is elite in every other department.

The Sound Blaster 16 on my 486 had an software spatial sound demo...

Xbox One ?, Even a Nintendo DS supports 3D Audio

Dolby Atmos has entered the chat xD

It`s the same when they see those demos powdered by unreal engine 5 and they think it`s only on ps5

Dolby atmos on xbox is the top dog

Yes but 5000 vs 300 audio sources is a huge difference

But can I play any of the couple of dozen music CDs I have?

Let me make this very clear. 3D Audio was NOT invented by sony. However the games that take advantage of their 3D audio system benefit greatly. There`s a reason sony is close to the top (in top 10 they rank 4th) in audio systems. And for those who don`t know -

Real life has better 3D audio

Play station fans think they console is better when in fact Xbox one X, not the series X.. is in the same grade as they ps5. What u dont know cant hurt u I guess

Xbox 360 already had 3D audio.

Xbox one had it way before. Weird

Speaks for their branding and marketing.

Me, just using whatever sound bar I got on sale and not getting into inane debates on system specs. Yeah, Sony made so much noise on this topic, that people are totally ignoring the fact that XBox had it a generation earlier. And PCs had it 20 years ago.

Its like Sounds But its all around you, man. my custom VR-oriented gaming rig assembled in 2017 has enhanced 3d/spatial audio on an sub-30 2.1 loudspeaker set, yet both ps5 and xbox series were still being developed at the time lul

Joke a gaming platform said hellblade 2 will be best on ps5 because it has 3D audio and haptic triggers that will make you feel like your really in her head. Can any tell me are they making an extension for the triggers that fit in your ear

It`s a funny thing, even tho many PS5 owners had never heard of spacial audio before Tempest, many either think Sony invented 3d audio or PS5 must be the `best` despite Dolby themselves having already taken Mark Cerny to task. Power of marketing or lack of critical thinking

You are right but just as the switch also has haptic feedback it`s not exactly the same as the haptic feedback on the dualsense.

Today i learned that people think that people think that 3d audio in Xbox and PS5 is the same

PC Sound Cards have had it for decades before consoles even. These Zoomers don`t know about Creative Audio Sound Blaster sound cards.

Ps5`s 3D audio is not the same as Xbox one`s audio lol

If its not on PS5, its not worth knowing about

It`s crazy. Even read an article by today which thought hell blade 2 deserved to be on PlayStation because it would benefit from 3D audio. . Do people not educate themselves?

It`s not the same implementation.

3d audio has been a thing for ages. People need to stop with thinking that everything marketing says is a new thing. do they use a proprietary ambisonic audio format or something?

People???!!!...Ohh, you mean fanboys. People is a nice way to put it.

*good 3D audio is exclusive to ps5

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