To ensure the highly anticipated #Cricket22 game gets to

November 23, 2021, 8:22 am
To ensure the highly anticipated #Cricket22 game gets to
To ensure the highly anticipated Cricket22 game gets to fans by 2nd December, Big Ant Studios are proud to announce that Pat Cummins, vice-captain of the Australian mens cricket team, will be on the Cricket 22 digital cover alongside Australian womens team captain Meg Lanning.

Let`s hope Cummins don`t follows into his captain`s shoes.

Way costlier for a Pc cricket game in India.Even Fifa 22 gives promotional off 40% and is available at 22 will struggle in India with the price 3000

I`m just waiting for the day when you have the rights to the top 8 teams have. Image India and Pakistan having full player rights like AUS and ENG.

How come asian teams arent licensed?

Great move!

New Screenshot Update cricket22 Nice sir, It is not necessary that you just keep a cover photo of the captain, you can keep anyone from the squad who is a deserve legend... No matter either it is pat cummins or Steve smith both are the legends of the game Ohh awesome Even if no controversy I like this cover better you got both men and women

Will there be a Demo on Steam with the Cricket Academy like there was with Cricket 19? I had a lot of fun on it creating players, teams ect.

Lol this isnt just about a cover

Cricket 19 Cover was awesome.cricket22 is official game of Ashes.Captains of Both team should on the Cover of Game

Why the Academy services stopped in cricket19??

Would it be possible if you can let us know the changes that you are making which led to the decision of the game being delayed by a week?

: Will we get to see the trailer at least before Dec 02 ?

can you just release a trailer

Doesn`t that look like a great cover indeed.

Why there is no any English,WI,NZ and Ireland Player on Cover? I think they are also Licensed

Pat Cummins captaincy confirmed.

but game is already Pre Loading On Consoles !! How Much is it True ?? Cricket22 when will we get preload on steam

Delaying the game by a week over a digital replacement deserves a game boycott

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