Time to admit they nailed Halo Infinite multiplayer

August 2, 2021, 6:36 am
Time to admit they nailed Halo Infinite multiplayer
Time to admit they nailed Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Im glad everyone liked it. Im more interesting in the campaign. I think Ive grown out of arcade shooter games for now.

Sprint could use a little speed up to be viable as a stand alone mechanic (not to make it as fast as it is in Halo 5, but still). I`ve always advocated for Sprint as more than just a thingy to go faster, but the speed it has in this game is simply a joke.

About time they did. Third times a charm I guess I cant wait for this game to come out. Its been way too long!!

Meh i played it, its just them finally catching up to the first and second halo.

Personal taste wise, i`m taking a mega pass on the multiplayer aspect. Hopefully there`s firefight or something.

It`s awesome.... just bummed I couldn`t play more... looking forward to more flights (vehicles ?) and the full release

Missing Spartan charge & ground pound. Close quarters melee combat sucks & the gravity hammer doesn`t work as we.shots I was receiving were one & done. Hit boxes are not right. I like a lot of this but when you point blank with shotty & he beats you something is up

Will halo have cross play? If so the free game will be dead in months when hackers take over..nothing like making unlimited accounts on free games..

Wasn`t able to get into the beta but this is such a relief, I`m ready for Halo to come back into my life

Absolutely cannot wait for the story mode om legendary difficulty with maybe 4 player friends?

Fix up the server issues, and graphical issues, this is incredible, I have not been able to put it down for the last couple days.

Finally got to playing it today, the gunplay is possibly the best I`ve seen since Titanfall 2

If the campaign holds up, it`ll be my GOTY by a wide margin

It`s great except the friend or foe system. Makes it damn near impossible for us color blind people. Seeing a thin outline sucks compared to actual accessibility options.

We`ve only had 2 hours of PvP its far too early to say they`ve nailed it. Honestly the motion sensor made it less enjoyable. People just walking near full speed and ambushing constantly

Honestly, who`s not admitted it? I did 2 rounds, I needed 30 seconds to know this Halo is fine.

They absolutely did, Halo is back and better than ever

The only problem is that we don`t have Arena Slayer tomorrow. or the next day... or the next. I didn`t play, but glad everyone seems to love it! HaloInfiniteMP

As someone who normally doesnt like halo, I agree with you. I just dont like the challenge based progression system.

Bungie fanboys won`t accept

With some weapon balance tweaking, they have something truly remarkable here. Gameplay is excellent & it`s a delight to play. If the campaign delivers, we may be looking at a GotY nominee.

Yes they did man wow

Now you just need to get to admit he like mayo and fries.

Definitely still a bit fast paced and Im not a fan of sprint and slide but its pretty good

It`s pretty great. Lots of stuff we haven`t seen yet !)as well since that was a two month old build. Only criticism is I wish the TTK was a little lower. Makes it too easy for kill stealing IMO. Overall tho, I`m incredibly excited for Halo MP on release!

I think the gamers will let journalists know if 343 nailed the Halo MP

I genuinely can`t believe it but I have to admit it too. Wow. It`s so fun.

its really fun and chill mini map needs a bit of work, but a little salt and pepper and itll be prob where i spend the majority of time for sure

It`s a legit home run I`ve played enough now to already know 343 have completely nailed the gameplay and the multiplayer Only question now is the campaign. If they pull that off this is a Game of the Year Contender imo

Possibly, but I will wait until the game actually releases before I am willing to go that far.

Im really digging the music too.

Hell yeah. I was already admitting it on the first day of playing. I`ve loved playing every minute of this flight.

Yea but the Sidekick is giving me nightmares And I like pistols!

Probably because they invested that money on a Call of Duty deal

NAILED... F2P, $300 entry point to play at 120FPS... It will be a huge success

Playing against real enemies was the best experience so far and one of the most fun mp of halo ever

I just experienced the most intense minutes in a multiplayer in a long time! Be careful your gonna make the Sony fanboys triggered

Seeing folks enjoy the Halo Infinite multiplayer this past few days has made me sad that Sony doesn`t have a premium FPS game (or anything akin to that) of their own anymore.

Playing against real players made it more impressive for me. I hadnt really appreciated things like the trade off of having sprint make you show up on the radar until I was up against real people.

I thought they would send you a Lego game code instead of the preview code on steam

The best free-to-play of all time.

Big team battle is where the multiplayer shines the most

Of course they did Jez, us Halo fans have earned a lifetime I told you so to you.

Yes! It`s exactly what we needed it to be. Happy it`s F2P because now, no one has an excuse

If Jez is saying it, people have to believe. Now let`s get that 90 Metacritic campaign LOL

Halo is back fun factor is 10 Yes. Thats right. Now I just want and hope they nailed the Campaign. Please Please Plase

I couldnt agree more

And we haven`t even gotten the Scorpions and Ghosts yet.

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