Time flies! On this day 20 years ago, the

June 11, 2021, 2:29 pm
Time flies! On this day 20 years ago, the
Time flies! On this day 20 years ago, the Game Boy Advance was released. What was your first & favorite memory with the portable system?

My first was the og indigo, then I upgraded to the silver SP. Pokmon FireRed and Emerald. Super Mario World, Zelda Minish Cap, Madden 2003, Tony Hawk Underground

This master piece, you should team up with Capcom again some time! My first memory was playing Pokmon Emerald for the first time, and my favorite memory was in Final Fantasy 5 trying to get the Deathclaw spell. Are we about to get GBA games on switch online service?!

Remake pls? First memory is getting chronicles of narnia and a gba for my birthday and then, after taking a nap, waking up to my sister having beaten most of it.

This was the system that fully got me into Nintendo, especially the Mario and Kirby series! I still remember growing up with the GBA remakes! Warioland 4 Ruby was my first game and i loved it so much. Could never beat Steven cause I didnt know such things like revives and full restores existed and tried to sweep with Groudon and swampert.

First memory: getting the Glacier GBA as a seventh birthday present (even though I wanted the SP). Favorite memory: getting into Pokemon for the first time with Pokemon Sapphire when I was nine.

Mother 3... Oh wait

My grandma got me one after my mom had two surgeries. It was the only game system I had until I bought my own DS Lite when I was 11.

It would be cool to announce the Switch Pro today thenright?

My first memory : Kuru Kuru Kururin, pretty nice game. My favorite memory : Metroid Fusion + Zero Mission. Got them lately, but among the S+ tier of the devices, the best of the Metroid series and the best "Metroidvania" ever BTW : Please port the GBA games on the NSO ! Streetfighter 2

My favorite memory is playing MagicalVacation a bajillion times and using that to fuel my interest in learning Japanese:D Also, I never shut up about it, so there`s thatxD These four amazing games! Getting it for Christmas then going to game crazy that same morning and grabbing FF Dawn of Souls. Such an amazing system with one of the best libraries!

Getting my Game Boy Player and loving every second of it on a full size screen. As for handhelds, only ever got the GBA SP, not the original model, but playing Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow was a damned fun time along with The Minish Cap.

Golden Sun. Without a doubt.

First memory? Uhhh I think Pokemon Ruby. Favorite Memory? when this was shipped to my house :) Not gonna lie I didnt play that many games on mines which I still have. I did play Pokemon and Super Mario Advance and others but I played Jet Grind Radio the most. Seeing full color games on a somewhat wide-screen handheld for the first time in my life blew my mind.

First time seeing 16-bit level graphics on a portable system.

First memory was seeing it run F Zero in a shop and being blown away because it was F Zero (well sort of) running on a portable system. Fondest memory was probably Yoshis Island because I really discovered this game on the GBA. wow. We will be dead soon.

My first GBA game, and still a favorite in the Castlevania series to this day. Mario Kart: Super Circuit was one of the first games I had for this system. I spent a bit too much time ripping through the tracks back then, chasing time trial records posted online.

I believe the first gba game i played was mario advance 4

ITS ALREADY BEEN THAT LONG?! Holy crud, I was like four years old when this first came out then! My birthday already passed by the time this released! A Spider-Man game and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Gb gbc and gba games for Switch when

I got mine on a trip to europe F-Zero was my first game for it.

I lost a lot of time to Zone of the Enders on the GBA and to Castlevania Circle of the Moon. Still have those games!

Taking it home from Best Buy and playing Yoshi`s Island and Donkey Kong Country 2 for hours!

I had this and mario kart, and some pokemon game. This handheld was great.

Lego Star Wars: The Video Game was my first and favorite game! It was so cool playing it and I hope to play Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga on my Switch soon! =)

i got the gba and pokemon ruby as a gift, loved it altho wished it was backlit lol but yeah lots of fun i still own a gba but also a gba sp ags 101 which is the best way to play gameboy games. Happy bday gba

Can we get a Gameboy advance mini plz?

GBA on Nintendo Switch Online. DO IT NINTENDO! ITS TIME! I love this thing. So many damn good GBA games, like the Mario Advance games, Superstar Saga, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, the Gen 3 games, and so much more. Also with backwards compatibility, it makes all the great GB and GBC games playable too.

I`ve got lots of GBA memories, but this is one of my favorites! Must be my brother`s Pokemon Sapphire, which led me to getting Ruby, the first game that was mine. Favorite might have to be Link to the Past, to this day one of my favorite games of all time.

For me? Super Nintendo Switch

Besides the Pokmon games I loved Shining Soul 2. It`s was basically a pocket sized Diablo. I wish it made a return somehow... I never played a gameboy in my life I was stuck with the Ds era Mainly the DSi XL and 2DS

Kirby and the amazing mirror, which is not only my favorite game boy advance game, but also my favorite in the franchise! I also like all the Sonic games that have come out on the portable . My pick Ok, GBA on Nintendo Switch online when?

My countless playthroughs of Pokemon Ruby over the years because Gen 3 is great.

Fire emblem 7. Thats it

Fire Red and its prolly the only GBA game i ever owned

Metroid Fusion got me into Metroid! The game is so mysterious and fun. Super mario 3. Also my first video game. I miss Advance Wars. :( Golden Sun and Advance Wars are my favorite video games of all time. Glad you remembered their CONSOLE at least... Maybe let them join Roy and Lucas as the only GBA reps in Smash? Maybe revive them after 10+ years now? My first GBA memory is definitely this. Is this the new updatee for the Nintendo Switch Online?

Metroid Fusion. What a masterpiece. I remember my mum as a kid got me The Gameboy Advance SP Tribal & I played Pokemon Ruby on it man those days were great. This one! shittt am i a boomer now?

Ordering one and some headphones through a Nintendo Power renewal card, which is still wild to me! And then came the Circle of the Moon.

20 years ago began the rumors of the Game Boy Advance Pro buying the import system before it came out in my region, but it later worked with games in my region! pretty cool, huh?

Looking good as new :) Playing castlevania for the first time and rushing out to buy a light cause I couldnt see a damn thing.

Please gameboy advance games for NSO

Playing this childhood favorite of mine! ededdneddy CartoonNetwork First memory I would have to say Advance Wars, never even seen a turn-base tactics game before, and that animation was so amazing. Favorite memory is definitely the SA-X intro in Metroid Fusion. Those blank creepy eyes, the closest that franchise has been to a true horror game

The Minish Cap and Metroid Fusion which started my love for both game series!

My cousin, about 12 years ago, gave me his gameboy that came with Megaman Battle Network 3. I still have it and I`ve never actually beated the game because I focused more on the DS. Now I found both the gameboy and the tape and I intend to finally beat it

Gba or game cube classic systems?

Have a metroid game to play on it

My favs are the Wario games and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and my first game was Pokmon FireRed Goated handheld

Golden Sun battle lounge competitions with my friends on the bus to school

Wario Land 4, of course I never had my hands on a GBA but I did have the most unwanted cutest portable ever: The Game Boy Micro. And my first game on that console was Pokmon Emerald and my most favourite game on the GBA would be "Mother 3" Trying to play it on long car trips using the light from street lights to see the screen every 3 seconds lol

Super Mario World!

My first memory is right there in the image, Super Mario Advance! My favorite though would have to be getting Metroid Zero Mission for my birthday and absolutely loving it

Having a gameboy at home, so I didn`t get one till later. That makes me feel old.

That screen isn`t that sharp, you know?

Stop selling nostalgia without selling the games associated with said nostalgia

This blue GBA SP was one of the first handheld devices I ever owned growing up along with the first game I ever played "Sonic Advance" I remember playing that game all the time on long road trips at the back seat of my Dad`s car and just having a great time! So many memories! I got the atomic purple one and Metroid fusion as I was recovering in a hospital bed from my *drumroll* spinal fusion surgery

Minish cap foreverrrr

My most favorite memory of this console is finding this hidden gem. This game is AMAZING and made me a fan of Summon Night since then! I still remember going to TRU with dad to get it. Got the brand new issue of Nintendo Power too. Time flies

My first memory was with the GBA SP in 2004. I got a brand new platinum version of it with Top Gear Really. I had great memories with that game

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance!

Playing Super Mario Advance, Shrek Super Slam, & Fire Emblem The Sacred Stone. Although I had a GBA SP instead

Man... I think i used once to play... Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. It was so cool.

My favorites metroid games are from that awesome machine. Waiting for port / remake for switch GBA XL release soon?

I think it was the boss rush in Sonic Advance 2. Played that a ton on my way to school. Sure would be great to play GBA games on my Switch through some sort of Nintendo Switch Online service.

Never forget the GOAT. Sapphire Golden Sun, Advance Wars (Metal Slug Tacticts!!), F-zero!! and else but i loved the launch games

Sonic advance + Sonic pinball party. :) The GBA Advance SP in cobalt. First two games were the advance versions of Mario 3 and Super Mario World

Have none, too young. I could if they were available on your system maybe so, but they aint lol.

I remember getting my GBA for Christmas when I was like 8 along with Yoshis Island and Spyro Season of Ice. I remember that night playing it under a blanket with a flashlight that would automatically turn off every 2 minutes. Great times!

crazy eh?

When it released I was actually on vacation in Germany and I bought one over there, along with Super Mario Advanced. So it`s nice having an EU version of the handheld with great memories.

Vistual consoles on Switch please.

First memory is probably Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Favorite memory is probably playing Metroid Fusion

Ironically I would say it was Banii Kazooie: Gruntys revenge . Its actually a pretty solid game

I spent so much time playing Pokemon Sapphire on my pink Game Boy Advance! So many good memories!

20 years already? I remember once being in a hospital waiting room playing my newly-purchased GBA with Super Mario Advance! That was my first experience playing both Super Mario Bros. 2 and the original Mario Bros. arcade game, with graphics outputted for the system. (Contd.)

I didnt really own a GBA.

The squaresoft advance remakes for the final fantasy series and chrono trigger.


that`s a NES game. lol Nintendo doesn`t even know their own games

Got mine after launch, but bought Advance Wars with it and it was the first time I ever used a Game Boy long enough to need to change the batteries. So, I`d say I had a good time with it.

FZero Maximum Velocity being a launch title. I was staying in an extended stay in Kentucky waiting for my first home to be built. In front of a biggs Store just playing this one to death.. the turning was different but it was so amzing to have portable. gba rules.

Still my favorite game of all time Playing MegaMan Battle Network while waiting for my mom to do her shopping as a kid.

Definitely pokemon sapphire None. I was not born yet.

Pokemon emerald hands down god damn

Nice try. The screen was never that bright :-P

The correct answer is Metroid Zero Mission. I played a lot of SMA when i was a kid cause I didnt have a ds

Pokemon Fire Red

happy anniversary gba lets hope for a switch online service of the gba games so i can finally be able to play mario and luigi superstar saga

Release the switch pro stfu already

I never got a GBA . I wanted one really bad though. Especially an SP. However I did end up playing Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow on the Wii U. It was spectacular . wait ... Nintendo is ok to put IPS screen?

My first memory was literally just that it introduced me to video games. My cousin had a Crash / Spyro double cartridge. She let me play it, and I was so mesmerized by just the existence of it. She gave me that GBA SP, and I lost the charger, so threw out the device cuz it died.

Look guys, look! It`s the first GBA game I`ve played! When I burnt a cd with 200 pirated games and resold them for 50 bucks

GBA is coming to NSO. Calling it.

Mario Kart Super Circuit. Spent hours as a kid trying to unlock special cup and the SNES tracks XD

This was my first GBA game, my favorite GBA game, an the first game to actually scare me when I was a child. It rules. Playing Warios Greatest Achievement Playing pokemon Ruby!!

A friend had Super Mario World but he wouldn`t let me play...

Happy 20th anniversary gameboy advance

My first interaction was with emulation funny enough, but once the SP dropped, I had to get one for myself. Fond memories of The Battle Network series and of course Advance Wars 2 (bring them both back)

My absolute favorite game on the GBA. I didnt know anything about it and bought it because I thought the box art looked great and wanted to try something new. Going over to a friend`s house to we could swap LoZ Seasons and Ages games

Playing GBA games on switch..... oh wait I can`t

First memory? Idk Favorite memory? Playing Mega Man Battle Network 4, the best Battle Network game

So what you are saying is the new Switch pro is going to be called Switch Advanced and it will be revealed today???? (Speculation of course)

Okay now I feel old

My first game was that stupid bionicle game that played like an awful Zelda ripoff and my best memory was Christmas morning popping my Mega Man Xtreme 2 cartridge in there and realizing I was NOT going to be putting this thing in my pocket lol

Now im playing the enchanced edtion on Shantae of this console :D

Superstar Saga best game ever made


Basically losing a few points on my prescription because the screen display was atrocious. Oh, and Golden Sun

Golden Sun and Advance Wars.

Pokemon Sapphire was my first video game experience. And still my favourite on the GBA

Would love to see a Switch Wars! My is finding my first shiny Pokemon on Ruby. mother 3 Advance wars. Please bring back advance wars.

This is how I first played some classic games, like A Link to the Past and Super Mario World. My favorite would have to be Superstar Saga, one of my first RPGs. Oh, and of course Pokmon Gen 3 :P

My first ever console, so many hours have been dipped into my Pokmon Fire Red and Emerald and I`ll forever treasure these memories, that`s also why I love Pokmon

A Link to the Past. Probably finding my dad`s old one and then being disappointed that there were no pokemon games on it, still pretty cool tho

My first memory weirdly enough was...Dragon Warrior III for the GBC. I still only had an original Game Boy, but I really wanted to play it, and the GBA was out by then, so I upgraded directly to it. After that, I bought Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. If only there were ways, aside from the WiiU eshop, to rent or purchase all of these amazing games again... Anyway, happy birthday GBA! First: Getting Spider-Man: Mysterios Menace from Santa, then waiting about a week to get the handheld itself from my grandmother haha. Favorite: Finally beating Mega Man Zero for the first time.

My Gameboy Advance collected dust under one of the buttons. It required a Y-shaped screwdriver to open and those were very hard to get back then. I got a screwdriver case with that one included as a gift from a bloodbank a few years back and was finally able to play with it again

when you ported mother 3

Sonic advance 2 but i am birth 2006 xD

Playing Minish cap and metroid Fusion
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