★ Tim Sweeney Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

November 25, 2021, 12:43 am
★ Tim Sweeney Says the Quiet Part Out Loud
Tim Sweeney Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

He just worded it poorly. He wants the ability to create an app store that gives users access to apps across multiple platforms. He`s not saying there should be only one store that works across multiple devices. My music and video purchases work on every platform, why not apps?

Its pretty clear hes not talking about epic having a monopoly by having the only store. Epics actions have been necessary. Apple wont change their App Store policies without pressure. Epics 1984 will be ill fated for Apple in the long run.

Imagine running a store on a plateform you did not create. Using API you did not create. Using programming language you did not create. And expecting to get your middleman cut for a plateform you do not contribute anything to

I`ve loved your blog for a long time but you`re losing my trust with these posts. This one and the one about Nate Skulic`s "Meta Company" both almost fall into the category of misinformation...

What is this garbage? Ive said all along - including in emails to Apple and Google executives produced in the litigation - that Epic wants to offer a software store on iOS and Android. Fortnite was the first game to support ownership of items across all 7 platforms.

Why wouldnt I as a consumer want a shared library across multiple platforms? Part of the reason the game streaming services have drawn people toward Epics side in this is because xCloud, GeForce Now etc do a lot to decouple hardware from software libraries.

You`re right about monopoly vs. duopoly of course, but the very Bloomberg passage you quote already says duopoly, and monopoly appears nowhere in the body copy. Am I missing something?

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