Tim Cook Delivers Speech Emphasizing Apple`s Opposition to Sideloading

April 12, 2022, 7:43 pm
Tim Cook Delivers Speech Emphasizing Apple`s Opposition to Sideloading
Tim Cook Delivers Speech Emphasizing Apples Opposition to Sideloading by

If you want side-loading buy the device that already does it. Thats what a free market is!!!

Eh, I get why they want to avoid allowing us the option to turn on being able to install apps outside of their control. But its not exactly a huge security risk, given the need to click on such an option (see Android), and most apps will still aim for App Store approval.

If they allowed customization like Mac, people will not go that far to hack it.

Lets hope this does not become a reality any time soon. There is a reason iPhone and Apple have so many devoted users

Good. Now deliver a speech telling your employees they can work from home everyday instead of 4 days a week now.

this is all just fluff and lies. its because of money. no other reason.

I dont think people realize that the laws the eu is opposing are clearly meant to benefit competition and big ass companies, no one is really concerned about user rights. Having a closed App Store does not affect user rights in any way. You chose iPhone consciously.

So Apple should block sideloading on mac OS?

I think we the users need a petition of support AGAINST this utter clap trap sideloading nonsense.

Yall feel too strongly about this, both sides. isnt taking away your freedoms and sideloading wont turn iOS into Android. Its a phone. Peoples reactions to this whole thing are concerning I mean thats like when fracking companies try to tell you that fracking is good for the environment, actually

We all know why Apple doesnt want sideloading. Money. It should be the choice of the end user. Concerned about users being tricked into someone convincing them to install malware? Have it as an optional feature and throw in a warning letting the user know the risks.

It just like not giving your bank pin to everyone and having someone watch you when your using the bathroom or sleeping its common sense and if they force companies to do it it is going against all the cybersecurity innovation that exist now to protect you

Well they do dont they thank you Please do not make iOS become Android

I completely agree with Tim Cook on this matter.

I watched his whole speech, and I agree

Theyre just regurgitating the same lies Craig said. Im just glad no one in congress believes them EU hurry up and make the Digital Markets Act law already

Makes sense. He will do all he can for Apple`s shareholders. This has nothing to do with users of Apple products or services.

Its really absurd to tell a company what to do and dont. Its their own phone, system, design. Its really like telling the hotel how to do everything just because you want to book a room there. If you dont like it there just leave to the one that suits you better.

The main argument
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