Till Samsung creates a new OS different from android,

April 25, 2022, 9:18 pm
Till Samsung creates a new OS different from android,
Till Samsung creates a new OS different from android, iPhone will continue to have a little edge above them.

I prefer Samsung for real

Super story That`s the only thing limiting samsung their os is not exclusive

Fuchsia OS is on it`s way.

What do you mean a little edge ? A lot of edge fam !

I swear, that`s the only thing I have always wanted Samsung to do

Lol why type of edge??...

Check out the Z series or something I`ve actually forgotten

But that the reason I can`t use iPhone, cos its OS is a very closed architecture

But which one is the best?

If e easy ask Huawei, even Dem still use Android to build their Harmony OS though,Cos Dem commot Google service only Dem go under in few Year. Google will rather do anything to satisfy Samsung, and they will be happy to continue with it, they`re biggest customer of Android+Google

I talk am

Me love Android but iphone too goo but cant use it

New OS wouldn`t be easy omo. Developers now have to build apps to fit the OS Won`t be easy

Get A FlipZ or Ultra S22+....You`ll see!!

The moment I teach you, my steadily flow of 254k from you will stop

I still wonder why u didn`t allow me take that ur s22, u are not using it that much Like what`s with yall and OS

Pele Aunty iPhone, leave us like that. Keep your 1st position.

This is a very shallow way to think?

Fr, thats the only thing holding them back I prefer Samsung fr

That`s the only thing iphone has over it lmaoo which edge?

Every android users dey always defend them self by claiming Samsung even the one that tweet with itel

Not just a little, the gap is tall

They will soon come to wail under this tweet now, just wait

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