TIL my game (@RaindeadGames) is #3 top paid RPG

December 7, 2021, 11:08 pm
TIL my game (@RaindeadGames) is #3 top paid RPG
TIL my game (@RaindeadGames) is 3 top paid RPG game on Google Play. If you told me this a year ago, I`d faint. That said, you might be as surprised as I am that being 3 in top paid RPGs brings in only a modest number of sales. More on that here:

Congrats on getting that level! Can relate how not easy is to get to the top spot in the grown market, even in its niche part) And money...they are long gone to FtP, even Momentum Valley is...yeah, they make money, but far from what guys in FtP are pulling

Having the same experience with one of my apps as well: iOS users tend to buy more of the app`s premium versions, but due to Android being much more popular, it seems to even out in the end. Keep up the great work!

Why impossible? I don`t know much of anything about game dev I didn`t learn from your blog, so If there are PC games who want to play, they`re probably more likely to prefer PC. They tend to be a stubborn bunch in my experience.

Filip: where was that last screenshot from? I havent seen that in Google play console

I was wondering how it`s going with your game! I think it`s nice that at least a group of people is enjoying your hobby/side project. Are you considering new version/chapters of it? Would be easier since you`ve got your base now right?

Hey Filip, I am one of the people that bought and downloaded your game, albeit on iOS. Had a great time with it! How are iOS sales in comparison with Android? congrats! surprised with the fact that 3 is only 160 installs a week no wonder that to survive as mobile game dev you have to make donation sucking game that keeps getting money in a daily basis

Thats still impressive despite the amount you rake in. Thinking that you put 7+ years into this, it must be satisfying to see the game finally got the recognition it deserves. Good on you man!

Maybe it`s time to port to Switch and PC.

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