Three extra months should be more than enough to

January 16, 2021, 4:10 pm
Three extra months should be more than enough to
Three extra months should be more than enough to move all your contacts to Threema. WhatsAppPolicy postponed

Had to buy Threema three times: for Android, for Windows Phone and for iOS. I hope I have now served all platforms.

Just made it. Very simple. Thx! Since several years on looks pretty good! Hope to see groups switching to uninstall it.

Could you pleas make this app for free? All my friends are so stupid and to lazy to change to another messenger. And it would be a big plus for you. I guess everyone on this world would trust much more into a swiss messenger than others and will be more worth than whatsapp

And for you to get multi-device up and running!

I already downloaded i suggest this app for complete privacy Strongly suggesting my contacts to download too.After some time; maybe i will be using in our company too (The business app one)

Give discount for few days.

having a system to calculate a hashcode from the app store app and the open source build would help. no idea if this is possible...

One of the reasons I switched to the independent licence off the website. That and I don`t use original play services anymore.

is it possible to check if the app store downloadable app is the same as the open source one? a reproducible build cannot be installed on ios. theoretically you could release an app with backdoor on the app store and nobody has a possibility to check this. or am I wrong?

Can you link to a doc explaining how contacts (& threads) are moved?

We are bringing everybody we care to text to Threema. Giving them the App as a gift

Looking for a solution to pay without giving my credit card to Google or pay 10.- credits to use only 3.-. If you have idea I would be happy.

took me years to get back to you, since I was angry because I needed to pay again when I switched from Windows Phone to Android...

Moving to another walled garden would be an utterly stupid move.

how can I be sure that the app published on the app store is the same as the open source code? theoretically you could publish anything there? do you have / plan an ipad/in-browser client?

i understand you`re in competition with signal and others. how about a joint statement on the situation? like a strong message for privacy and against the madness of zuckerberg et al.

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